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Handheld Vascular Doppler Machine

Our handheld vascular doppler offers precision in vascular monitoring. Explore this advanced vascular doppler machine for accurate and efficient vascular assessments.
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  • MCG4010

  • MeCan


 Handheld Vascular Doppler Machine Description

The Handheld Vascular Doppler is a state-of-the-art device designed for the precise detection of arterial and venous blood flow velocity, offering a comprehensive solution for assessing peripheral vascular diseases. This versatile tool finds applications in various medical fields, including andrology, urology, surgery, microsurgery, orthopedics, vascular surgery, burns surgery, and plastic surgery departments.

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  1. Sensitive Special Purpose Vascular Probe: The device comes equipped with a specialized vascular probe designed for sensitivity and accuracy in detecting blood flow velocity.

  2. Compact Design and Easy Operation: Its compact and ergonomic design ensures ease of use, allowing healthcare professionals to operate the device with convenience and efficiency.

  3. Sound Output with Earphone and/or Speaker: The vascular Doppler provides sound output through both earphones and speakers, offering flexibility in monitoring blood flow.

  4. High Performance, Clear Sound Quality: With high-performance capabilities, the device delivers clear and precise sound quality, facilitating accurate interpretation of vascular signals.

  5. Low Ultrasound Dosage: The device utilizes a low ultrasound dosage, ensuring patient safety while maintaining effective diagnostic capabilities.

  6. Bidirectional Vascular (for VD-330): The bidirectional vascular feature enhances the device's capabilities, allowing for a more comprehensive assessment of blood flow.

  7. Display Cursor (for VD-310): The VD-310 model is equipped with a display cursor, providing visual cues for efficient monitoring and interpretation.

  8. Display Wave, Parameters (for VD-320 and VD-330): VD-320 and VD-330 models feature displays for waveforms and parameters, offering healthcare professionals valuable visual information during assessments.


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Handheld Vascular Doppler Machine specification