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Hot Sale Far Infrared Physiotherapy Massage Bed Equipment
Hot Sale Far Infrared Physiotherapy Massage Bed Equipment
Hot Sale Far Infrared Physiotherapy Massage Bed Equipment

Hot Sale Far Infrared Physiotherapy Massage Bed Equipment

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  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Instrument classification:Class II
  • Brand Name:Mecan
  • Model Number:MCT-ALC-2

Hot Sale Far Infrared Physiotherapy Massage Bed Equipment





 far infrared therapy


What is the specifications of our Physiotherapy Massage Bed?

Variety specification

Overall dimensions: 2100×550×450+400mm


Technological parameters

1. Distance of motor-driven device: ≥800mm.

2. Rolling massage scope (L×W): ≥1600mm×380mm.

3. Rolling massage period: 40s±5s.

4. Timing scope: 1~60min (Adjustable).       Timing step: 1min.

5. Timing error: ±5%.


Technological advantages

1.Vibratory Massage

1. 1 Vibratory Massage Scope (L×W): ≥800mm×200mm.

1. 2 Vibration frequency: 50Hz±3Hz.


2.Thermal therapy

2. 1 Range of temperature control: 30°C~48°C.

2. 2 Temperature control error: -5°C~+8°C.

2. 3 Heating-up time: it needs less than 20 min to reach 23°C~35°C.

2. 4 Temperature homogeneity: the temperature homogeneity is less than 6°C in the range of 1600mm×380mm.

2. 5 Overtemperature alarm: when the central point of the bed reaches 48°C±3°C, the machine shall cut off the powers of heating device and massage and stop working. An alarm will be given in 1~20s.

2. 6 Total noise of the device shall be no more than 65dB (A).


Technological advantages

1. It has separate far-infrared massagefunction.

2. It can carry out systematic massage or partial massage (e. g. upper body, neck, waist, and lower body).

3. It has vibration massagefunction.

4. It has far infrared thermal therapyfunction.

5. Its enclosure is made up of glass fiber reinforced plastics.

6. It is equipped with MP3 player. Besides, USB flash disk (standard 2 GB USB flash disk) and memory card can also be used.


7. It has heat preservation treatment cabin function and far infrared treatment function.

Music playback to relax body and mind

1. Relaxation is the base of all health maintenance and treatment.

2. Massage the spine to relax muscles.

3. Massage can dredge the meridian and clear breath.

4. The brain relaxes when two halves of the brain vibrates simultaneously in brain wave.


The apparatus treats and slows pains of neck, shoulder, waist and legs caused by spinal degeneration through the integrated effects of far infrared thermal therapy, magnet therapy, and massage stimulation on important acupoints of the body (especially of the back and the two sides of spine) via soft idler wheel and vibration tube. By adjusting meridian system through governor meridian and bladder meridian, it can bring optimum adjustment of over function (including a series of visceral functional diseases) of human body into play.


Three characteristics of the far infrared ray made use of by the massage physiotherapy bed

1. Osmotic force

With osmotic force, the far infrared ray can penetrate as deep as 40mm~70mm in the body skin where the cells can strongly absorb rays in this wave band, especially the mitochondria which can take photochemical reaction after absorbing these rays. Besides, these rays can activate enzyme, increase sugar content and promote to compound ATP.


2. Resonance and absorption

The wave length of far infrared ray is 2.5~13.5um. Having been exposure to this ray, components of the body such as water, protein, fat and other molecular will produce far infrared rays that vibrate in the same way as atom and elementide, thus causing “resonance” and “absorption”, and makes the molecular vibrates, increases energy, accelerates activity, makes partial tissue rise in temperature, promotes metabolism and cells activity. Meanwhile, it has osmotic force so strong as to penetrate hypodermis, warm the body from inside and adds to cells activity.


3. Tepidity effect

Far infrared rays is especially radioactive, so they greatly increase the effect of warm acupuncture, make the kinergety of leucocyte increase by 2~3 times to sterilize more effectively, promote adrenal, sebaceous glands metabolism and strengthen anti-inflammatory function, accelerate draining algogenic substance. Besides, it improves lymph and blood circulation by nerve system function to relieve pain.



1.Prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, hyperosteogeny, cervical vertebra disease.

2.Stubborn pains of shoulder, waist, and leg, sciatica.

3. Acute or chronic lumbar muscle strain, lumbar degenerative diseases.

4. Waist, back, leg muscles and soft tissue sprain and bruise.

5. Fatigue syndrome from strenuous work.

6. It can improve sleeping and get rid of or guard against weariness.

7. It can dredge the whole body’s meridian and help to prolong life.

8. It promotes recovery of sequelae of apoplexy.


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