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ICU Ventilator with Compressor

ICU Ventilator with Compressor

  • Model NO.: MCA-VH1
  • Price:US $ 26000.00-28000.00 / sets
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  • Supply Ability:500 sets / Month
  • Country of Origin:Guangzhou
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ICU Ventilator with Compressor


MCA-VH1 is professional for COVID-19 treatment, can be used in respiratory management of after anesthesia operation, ambulance room, ICU, etc.

Ventilator MCA-VH1 has volume control and pressure control working modes. The transduction from inspiration to expiration can be realized by setting the value of time, pressure, volume, and flow rate. Its preset TV range is 50-1500ml, Frequency is 2-60bpm, and flow rate is 10-120L/min. It can be applied to adult and pediatrics.

Ventilator MCA-VH1 can provide respiration modes include:A/C, SIMV, PCV, PSV, MMV, and SIGH. It also has PEEP support function. It can realize extra respiratory modes like CPAP, SIMV+PSV, inverse ration ventilation through combination of respiratory modes and setting parameters.

Ventilator MCA-VH1 provides the following alarms: TV upper/lower limit, peek pressure upper/lower limit, frequency upper/lower limit, MV upper/lower limit, oxygen concentration upper/lower limit, PEEP upper /lower limit, apnea, AC power cutoff. When power cutoff, the built-in battery will be drive the ventilator work.


A/C mode   Other parameters:
1. Oxygen concentration:         21~100%1. Oxygen pressure:50.7579.75 psi
2. PEEP pressure:              020 cmH2O2. Noice <65 dBA
3. Tidal volume:                 501500 ml3. Environment:
4. Frequency                 260 bpmTemperature:5℃~ 40
5. I:E ratio:                     3.0:1~1:3.0Relative humidity≤85%(25)
6. Waveform: square waveform, speed-down waveformGas pressure:9601060 cmH2O
7. Inspiratory platform:           0~50%       4. Power:A/C160242V50±1Hz
8. Inspiration sensitivity:  -1-20 or (OFF)cmH2O5. Power consumption:40VA
9. SIGH                      1.0~2.0 VT/50
Monitor parameters
SIMV mode1.TV:09999 mL
1. Oxygen concentration:         21~100%2. Respiratory frequency:0100 bpm
2. PEEP pressure: 020 cmH2OMachine-controlled frequency:0100 bpm
3. Tidal volume:501500 ml Respiratory effort frequency:0100 bpm
4. SIMV frequency:235 bpm3. I:E ratio: 3.0:11:9.9
5. Spontaneous support pressure:   035 cmH2O4. Expiration end pressure:                0~65 cmH2O
6. Inspiration time:0.23.0 S5. Peak pressure0~68 cmH2O
7. Inspiration sensitivity:  -1 - 20 cmH2O6. MV:099.9 L/min
8. Flow rate ascending speed:      10~400  L/min/S7.Machine-controlled MV:099.9 L/min
9. Expiration sensitivity: 10 -75%Respiratory effort MV:099.9 L/min
10. Max. time of inspiration time:    1.06.0 S7. Oxygen concentration21100 
11. Apnea time:3~12 S8. inspiratory pressure:            0~65 cmH2O
PCV modeAlarm parameters
1. Oxygen concentration:        21~100% 1. TV upper limit:1002000 ml
2. PEEP pressure:020 cmH2O2. TV lower limit:202000 ml
3. Frequency 260  bpm3. Frequency upper limit: 5100 bpm
4. Inspiratory pressure:0~35 cmH2O4. Frequency lower limit:             2~60 bpm
5. I:E ratio: 3.0:1~1:3.0    5. Peak pressure upper limit:         530 cmH2O
6. Inspiratory platform:           0~50%6. Peak pressure lower limit:         020 cmH2O
7. Inspiration sensitivity: -1-20 or (OFF)   cmH2O 7.Oxygen concentration upper limit:30%~100
8. Flow rate ascending speed:    10~400  L/min/S8.concentration lower limit:      21%~60
9. Min. TV: 501000 ml9. MV upper limit:4.0~40 L/min
10. MV lower limit: 2.0~20 L/min
PSV mode11. Apnea alarm time: 3~12 S
1.Oxygen concentration:            21~100%
2. PEEP :  020 cmH2OMMV mode
3. support pressure:035 cmH2O 1. Oxygen concentration:           21~100% 
4. Inspiration sensitivity: -1 -20 cmH2O2. PEEP : 020 cmH2O
5. Expiration sensitivity:            10~753. Target TV: 501500 ml
6. Flow rate ascending speed:      10~400 L/min/S4. Ventilation:0.540.0 L/min
7. Min. TV:501000 ml5. Inspiration sensitivity: -1 -20 cmH2O
8. Max. inspiration time: 1.06.0 S6. Flow rate ascending speed:       50~400 L/min/S
9. Apnea time: 3~12 S7. Expiration sensitivity:             10~75
10. spare frequency 535 bpm8. Max. inspiration time:             

1.06.0 S

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