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Intelligent Pain Therapeutic Apparatus

MeCan Medical Best Quality MCT-XYG-500 IVB Intelligent pain Therapeutic Apparatus Factory,OEM/ODM, customized according to your requirements. Every equipments from MeCan gets passed strict quality inspection,and final passed yield is over 99.9%.


Intelligent pain Therapeutic Apparatus 


Intelligent Pain Therapeutic Apparatus


Technical parameters

  • Rated input power is 45 VA

  • One channel of triple array output, one channel of point-like output

  • the length of point-like radiator: 160mm,outside diameter: 22mm

  • the wavelength of point-like radiator: 810nm+5%

  • the point-like radiator output power: 0-500mw

  • triple array radiator: 375mm x 205mm x 60mm

  • Stair-shaped wavelength: 980/810nm±5%

  • Area array output power:

        Wavelength 980nm the output power:0~200mw(adjustable)

        Wavelength: 810nm the output power:0-500mw (adjustable)

  • treatment time: 0-99min (adjustable)

Product performance

  • The stair-shaped wave treatment meets the treatment requirement.

  • The triple array radiator is easy to operate,it can treat multiple body parts;

  • It is applied to treat large area skin disease

  • The point-like radiator is used for acupuncture point treatment.

  • Multi section movable arm, which can make the radiator more flexible and easy to use.

  • The machine has a key switch,when you turn the key switch 90 clockwise, the treatment will start.

  • The machine has emergency switch.


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