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-10~-40 Degrees

-25 Degree Upright Deep Freezer

-40 Degree Chest Deep Freezer

-40 Degree Freezer

-60 ultra low temperature freezer

-86 Degree Lab Deep Refrigerator Chest Ultra Low Temp Laboratory Freezer

-86 Degree Upright Ultra low Temperature Freezer

0.4T MRI System

0.4T Open C-shape MRI

0.4T. open mri machine

1 & 2 Channels Electric Coagulation Meter Portable Blood Coagulometer

1-channel coagulation analyzer

1.5 tesla mri system

10 LPM Single Flow Double flow Oxygen Concentrator

100l sterilizer

100mm Anti-shock wall guard

10L Medical Oxygen System Oxygen Concentrator

10L Oxygen Concentrator

12 lead ecg machine

12 lead ecg system

12-inch fetal monitor

120mm Anti-shock wall guard

128 element wifi ultrasound

128 Element Wifi Ultrasound Scanner

128 Slice CT Scanner

128 slice ct scanner price

128-slice ct scanner benefits

12L Dental Steam Sterilization Equipment Autoclave

135 Degree Corner Guard

150L 200L 300L 400L 500L Large High Pressure Sterilizer Autoclave for Hospital and Laboratory

150mm Anti-shock wall guard

16 Mini Laparoscopy Instruments

18.9 Litre 20L Water Bottled 5 Gallon Barrel Bucket Water Filling Machine

180 degreelarge joint knee shoulder elbow goniometer

180cm Artificial Human Body Anatomy Skeleton Model

18L/24L Portable Medical Sterilizer

2 Crank Functions Manual Medical Hospital Bed

2 Crank Hospital Furniture Medical Manual Hospital Bed

2 motors

20kW Veterinary X-ray Machine

20kW Veterinary X-ray Machine with Touch Screen Technology

20kW Veterinary X-rayTouch Screen

21000rpm High Speed Medical Refrigerated Hematocrit Lab Centrifuge

23 Inch LCD Eye Vision Test Chart and Chart Monitor

23 Inch LCD Flat Screen Monitor Vision Chart

24L Portable Medical Sterilizer

250L-3000L Double Door Pulsating Vacuum Sterilizer

25KW Digital X-Ray Machine

3 channel ECG

3 channel ecg machine

3 Differentiation Automated Hematology Analyzer

3 Functions Patient Bed

3 Functions Patient Bed ABS Three Function Electric Hospital Bed

3 in 1 Wireless Probe Type Ultrasound Scanner

3 Motors Electric Dialysis Bed

3 Part

3 Part CBC Machine Blood Hematology Analyzer Full Blood Count Analyzer

3 part Hematology Analyzer

3 Part-Diff BloodTest Machine Fully Automatic Auto Hematology Analyzer

3-Diff Hematology Analyzer

3-part Hematology Analyzer With Dual Chamber

3-Part Intelligent Automated Hematology Analyzer

3-plys Surgical Sterile Face Mask

3.5 Inch Color LCD Display Single Channel 12 Leads ECG EKG Machine Portable

300T/H Laboratory Equipment Clinical Blood Chemistry Analyzer Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

311nm Narrowband UVB Lamp Psoriasis Vitiligo

32 Slice CT Scanner

32-slice CT scan

32KW Animal Digital Radiography System Veterinary Digital X Ray Machine

32kW Vet X-ray

32kW Vet X-ray Machine with Touch Screen

32kW X-ray Machine with Touch Scree for Vet

3d 4d color Ultrasound

3d 4d color Ultrasound for Pregnancy

3D Anatomy Skin Structure Model

3D Anatomy Table

3D Education Model

3D Education Virtual Anatomy Model

3D Intraoral Scanner

3D Laptop Doppler Color Ultrasound Scanner

3d model human anatomy

3D Panoramic Dental CBCT X-ray Machine

3D Printing High-definition Human Tansection Layer Model

3D Ultrasound Scanner

3D Virtual Anatomy Table

3d virtual dissection table

3W Wireless Headlight

4 Channels Electro Blood Coagulation Analyzer

4 Degree 268L Medical Blood Storage Bank Refrigerator

4 degree Blood bank refrigerator