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Lab Centrifuge Machine

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  • MCL0183

  • MeCan

Lab Centrifuge for Precise Analysis

Model Number: MCL0183

Product Overview:

Introducing our advanced Lab Centrifuge, a versatile and reliable instrument designed for qualitative analysis of serum, plasma, and immunity. This centrifuge machine is characterized by its beautiful appearance, compact size with a large capacity, and exceptional functionality, making it an indispensable tool for laboratories in hospitals, chemical, and biochemical research facilities.

Lab Centrifuge Machine MCL0183 (2) 

Key Features:


1. Compact and Aesthetic Design:

Boasts a beautiful and streamlined appearance, adding a touch of modernity to your laboratory setup.

2. Large Capacity, Small Footprint:

Despite its large capacity, the centrifuge machine maintains a compact size, optimizing space utilization in your laboratory.

3. Complete Functionality:

Equipped with a complete range of functions, ensuring versatile applications and reliable performance in various laboratory scenarios.

4. Stable Performance:

The centrifuge maintains a stable performance, providing consistent and accurate results in every operation.

5. Variable Speed Settings:

Users can choose the desired speed within the set range, offering flexibility based on specific laboratory requirements.

6. Automatic Balance Maintenance:

Features automatic balance maintenance, ensuring stable and efficient operation throughout the centrifugation process.

7. Low Rate of Temperature Increase:

Exhibits a minimal rate of temperature increase, preserving sample integrity and allowing for efficient analysis.

8. Dependable for Qualitative Analysis:

A reliable instrument specifically designed for qualitative analysis of serum, plasma, and immunity factors.

Technical Data:

Technical Data