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China LED PDT Light Therapy Machine Photodynamic Therapy Equipment manufacturers - MeCan Medical

MeCan Medical China LED PDT Light Therapy Machine Photodynamic Therapy Equipment manufacturers - MeCan Medical,MeCan provide one-stop solutions for new hospitals,clinics,labs and universities,has helped 270 hospitals,540 clinics,190 vet clinics to set up in Malaysia,Africa,Europe,etc.we can save your time,energy and money.

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  • Type:PDT

  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA

  • Feature:Skin Tightening

  • Feature:Pigment Removal

  • Feature:Acne Treatment

  • Feature:Skin Rejuvenation

  • Feature:Wrinkle Remover

  • Certification:CE, ISO

  • Brand Name:MeCan

  • Model Number:MCR-PDT7A

LED PDT Light Therapy Machine Photodynamic Therapy Equipment



Our LED Photodynamic Therapy device uses gene biological wave as light source, with a special light signal transmission technology, but not heat effect. During the treatment, photosensitive collagen could be used, and it could lead into hypoderma fast and efficiently, absorbed by cell, generate the most efficient photochemical reaction--enzymatic reaction, which can improve cell viability, promote metabolism, make skin secrete collagen and fibrous tissue; meanwhile, it increases white blood cell's phagocytosis, and then comes to the effect of repair, rejuvenation, skin whitening, acne treatment.

Product Description

What is application of our led pdt light?

1.All the skin diseases caused by sunlight damage and aging include facial blemishes, dermal spots, freckles, sun spots, pigmentation and so on.

2. Acne, acne marks and folliculitis.

3.Red streaks, acne rosacea, stolid.

4.Wrinkles, fine lines and skin relaxation.

What are features of our led pdt machine?

1.With 1820 pcs high power LEDs which is arranged in a matrix structure.

2.variety of light source combination(6 kinds) to meet different needs of treatment, widely used in skin beauty and cure

3.cantilever design, flexible operation, easy use, the upper lifting arm can be lifted and lowered vertically, and can be fixed in any angle

4. 8"LCD touching screen, rotated by 360°,easy operation and convenient for home use.5 kinds of default therapeutic schedule for daily use

5. Warmly voice to remind patient, and make the treatment comfortable and relax.

6. Light intensity can be adjusted according to the requirement of treatment

7.Dual protection by starting key and power-on password. No need to worry about the mis-use by other unrelatedpersonnel

8. No invasive treatment, no damage to skin cells, no side effects

No need to special care after treatment, can make up as usual

What is specification of our pdt light therapy?

Work Voltage

AC 220V±10%,50Hz±2% or AC 110V±10%,60Hz±2%

Rated Power


Fuse specification model & rating


Working environment

TEMP. 5~40°C

Relative Moisture:≤85%

Atmospheric pressure:700hPa~1060hPa

Types of light

LED gene bioluminescence

Output wavelength

red laser 635nm 5nm; Blue-ray 415nm 5nm

Irradiation surface temperature

≤ 49°C

Output power



 led pdt

pdt machine

pdt led machine

photodynamic therapy equipment


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Why choose us ?

photodynamic therapy machine 

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led photodynamic therapy

The product can support both the off-grid and on-grid system. It collects and stores the sunlight during the day, and makes the power available.


1.Technology R & D
We have a professional R&D team that continuously upgrades and innovates products.
2.Quality Control (QC)
we have a professional quality control team to ensure that the final pass rate is 100%.
3.What is your warranty for the products?
One year for free


1.More than 20000 customers choose MeCan.
2.Every equipments from MeCan gets passed strict quality inspection,and final passed yield is 100%.
3.MeCan Focus on medical equipments over 15 years since 2006.
4.MeCan offer professional service,our team is well-tained

About MeCan Medical

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is a professional medical and laboratory equipment manufacturer and supplier. For more than ten years, we engage in supplying competitive price and quality products to many hospitals and clinics, research institutions and universities. We satisfy our customers by offering comprehensive support, purchase convenience and in time after sale service. Our main products include Ultrasound Machine, Hearing Aid, CPR Manikins, X-ray Machine and Accessories, Fiber and Video Endoscopy, ECG&EEG Machines, Anesthesia Machines, Ventilators, Hospital furniture, Electric Surgical Unit, Operating Table, Surgical Lights, Dental Chairs and Equipment, Ophthalmology and ENT Equipment, First Aid Equipment, Mortuary Refrigeration Units, Medical Veterinary Equipment.