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Medical Portable Suction Unit

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  • MCS1005

  • MeCan

Medical Portable Suction Unit - MeCanMedical

Model Number: MCS1005

Product Overview:

Introducing our Compact Portable Suction Machine, a reliable and versatile device designed for medical suction applications. This unit is crafted with precision, featuring an all-plastic ABS shell formed in one piece, providing durability and ease of maintenance.

Medical Portable Suction Unit MCS1005 

Key Features:


1. Durable ABS Construction:

The unit boasts an all-plastic ABS shell formed in one piece, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

2. Macromolecule Suction Bottle:

Adopting a macromolecule suction bottle for easy disinfection and cleaning, promoting optimal hygiene in medical environments.

3. Oil-Free and Maintenance-Free:

Equipped with an oil-free pump, this suction machine is virtually maintenance-free, minimizing operational hassles.

4. Compact Design with Low Noise:

Designed for convenience, the compact size ensures easy portability, while the low noise operation creates a quiet and comfortable environment.

5. Overflow Protection Unit:

Features an overflow protection unit to prevent liquid from entering the pump body, ensuring safety and longevity.

6. Versatile Application:

Ideal for suctioning sputum and thick secretions in hospitals, making it a reliable tool for both medical professionals and household first aid.

7. AC Power Supply:

Powered by AC220V 50Hz, providing a stable and reliable power source for consistent performance.

8. Oil-Free Piston Pump:

Utilizes an oil-free piston pump for enhanced durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

9. Adjustable Negative Pressure:

Maximum negative pressure of 0.08MPa with an adjustable range from 0.013 to 0.08MPa, providing flexibility for various suction requirements.

10. Efficient Air Pumping:

Boasts an air pumping efficiency of ≥15L/min, ensuring swift and effective suction.

11. Large Suction Bottle:

Equipped with a 1000ml plastic suction bottle, offering ample capacity for sputum and secretion collection.

12. Low Noise Operation:

Operates with low noise levels (≤65dB), creating a calm and conducive environment.