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Nose Oxygen Cannula

MeCan Nose Oxygen Cannula stands out as a reliable and comfortable medical consumable designed for effective oxygen delivery.
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  • MCK0066

  • MeCan

Nose Oxygen Cannula

Model Number: MCK0066

Nose Oxygen Cannula Overview:

MeCan Nose Oxygen Cannula is a reliable and comfortable medical consumable designed for effective oxygen delivery. Crafted from medical-grade PVC, it meets the highest safety and hygiene standards. The cannula is available in DEHP and DEHP-free variants, providing flexibility based on specific requirements and preferences.

One of the key features enhancing patient comfort is the inclusion of soft nostril suckers. These soft components ensure a gentle and comfortable fit in the patient's nostrils, making the oxygen delivery experience as pleasant as possible.

medical Nose Oxygen Cannula 

Nose Oxygen Cannula Features:  

1. Medical-Grade PVC: Our Nose Oxygen Cannula is crafted from high-quality medical-grade PVC, guaranteeing         safety and adherence to rigorous medical standards.

2. DEHP or DEHP-Free Options: We offer flexibility with material options, providing both DEHP and DEHP-free             variants to accommodate individual preferences and specific requirements.

3. Comfort-Enhancing Design: The inclusion of soft nostril suckers ensures a gentle and comfortable fit, prioritizing     the well-being and satisfaction of the patient.

4. Material: Crafted from medical-grade PVC, ensuring safety and compliance with medical standards. (DEHP or         DEHP-free options available based on preference)

5. Soft Nostril Suckers: Designed with soft nostril suckers to prioritize patient comfort during use.

Nose Oxygen Cannula in Nigeria

Nose Oxygen Cannula Applications:

  • Oxygen Therapy: Ideal for delivering supplemental oxygen to patients in various healthcare settings.

  • Medical Procedures: Widely used during medical procedures where oxygen supplementation is required.

  • Material: Medical-grade PVC

  • DEHP: Available with DEHP or DEHP-free options

  • Comfort: Soft nostril suckers for enhanced patient comfort