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Ophthalmic Visual electrophysiological testing system
Ophthalmic Visual electrophysiological testing system

Ophthalmic Visual electrophysiological testing system

Model NO.:
USD 1000.00-9999.00 / unit
Minimum order quantity:
1 unit
Supply Ability:
1000 unit / Month
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Stock Time:
3-15days Days
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Model Number:MCE-YZ56
  • Brand Name:MECAN


Visual electrophysiological testing system




Product Description

The product with new design has good repetition and adjustable frequency, which overcomes the limitations and shortage of traditional Xenon lamp. It ensures that the glaring strength not affected by the stimulating frequency and has the monochromatic lights (red, green, blue, yellow) being sensitive to bright and dark system of retina.


 Detailed profile


·The light source of glaring stimulator is LED, which has following features:

 Proportion by glare and various colors (e.g. white, red, green, blue and yellow) on the principle basis of tricolor.

 Good repetition ensures that the flash strength will not be affected by frequency and provide glaring stimulation up to 50 Hz.

 Without any harmful light source (infrared ray, UV).Wavelength is strictly controlled and could be provided according to customer’s requirement.

 Customized glaring pulse with 2-3s and detection of C wave.

 Precise light source provides reliable diagnosis result.


·More steady machine system ensures objective and real diagnosis result.

·Powerful analyzing software  and convenient case inquiring management system.

·Automatically eliminate the false trace.

·Reasonable system connecting.

·Host computer and other equipments are connected by USB wire .

·Designed conforming to international standard.


Main Functions:

F-ERG, EOG, P-ERG, P-VEP,F-VEP, scanning VEP and dual light ERG.

Clinic application

The product is used to provide objective foundation for various diseases: e.g. fundus disease, glaucoma, amblyopia and color barrier, by the record and description of the poles.


System configuration

A set of host computer

System governing computer case

Program control Ganzfeld stimulator

Color image stimulator

A set of detection system software

A printer

Recording pole

Power supply box




Common mode rejection ratio: >=100dB

Input impedance: >=10MΩ

Mean square yawp:<=3μV


Frequency Strip: 0.01-500Hz



·Image stimulator

Stimulating color: black-white, red-black, blue-black, green-black

Stimulating image: chessboard grid; vertical strip, level strip

Stimulating field: full screen, half screen, 1/4 screen,1/8 screen,center screen

Space frequency: 4x3,8x6,16x12,…128x96


·Glaring stimulator:

Stimulating spectrum: red, yellow, blue, green, white

Glaring frequency: 0.2~50Hz

EOG angle: ±15°,±30°red light

Working style: stand seat

Glaring intension: 0.005cd·s/m ~5.12cd·s/m 11 steps are optional

Brightness for background light:  ERG 1cd/m ~64cd/m

EOG enlarged pupil 128cd/m   natural pupil 512cd/m




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