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Patient Monitoring System - Hospital Monitors

From arrhythmia analysis to dynamic waveform capture, this system is equipped with features that prioritize accuracy, efficiency, and patient safety.
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  • MCS1529

  • MeCan

Patient Monitoring System - Hospital Monitors

Model Number: MCS1529

Product Overview:

Experience cutting-edge patient care with our state-of-the-art Patient Monitoring System. This advanced healthcare solution is designed to provide comprehensive oversight, ensuring healthcare professionals have access to crucial patient data in real-time. From arrhythmia analysis to dynamic waveform capture, this system is equipped with features that prioritize accuracy, efficiency, and patient safety.

Patient Monitoring System - Hospital Monitors 

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Arrhythmic Analysis: The system supports the analysis of 13 types of arrhythmias, providing healthcare professionals with a detailed overview of cardiac activity.

  2. Multi-Lead ECG Waveforms Display: Displays multi-lead ECG waveforms in phase, offering a comprehensive visualization of cardiac performance.

  3. Real-time S_T Segment Analysis: Real-time analysis of S_T segments enhances the system's capabilities for continuous monitoring and early detection of cardiac irregularities.

  4. Pacemaker Detection: Efficient pacemaker detection feature adds an extra layer of cardiac oversight, ensuring comprehensive patient care.

  5. Drug Calculation and Titration Table: Incorporates drug calculation and titration tables, streamlining medication administration and dosage adjustments.

  6. Interference Resistance: Demonstrates efficient resistance to interference from defibrillators and electrosurgical cautery, maintaining accurate monitoring during critical procedures.

  7. Highly Sensitive SPO2 Testing: SPO2 testing with a sensitivity of 0.1%, ensuring accurate oxygen saturation monitoring even in conditions of low blood oxygen levels.

  8. RA-LL Impedance Respiration: Monitors respiration through RA-LL impedance, providing detailed insights into respiratory patterns.

  9. Networking Capacity: Equipped with networking capabilities, facilitating seamless integration into hospital systems for centralized patient data management.

  10. Capture Dynamic Waveforms: The system allows the capture of dynamic waveforms, supporting in-depth analysis and documentation.

  11. Extended Battery Life: Built-in rechargeable battery with up to 4 hours of working capacity, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring even during power fluctuations.

  12. High-Resolution Color TFT LCD Display: The 12.1-inch high-resolution color TFT LCD display offers clear and vibrant visuals for easy interpretation of patient data.

  13. Anti-ESU and Anti-Defibrillator Features: Anti-electrosurgical unit (ESU) and anti-defibrillator functionalities enhance the system's resilience during procedures involving electrosurgery or defibrillation.

  14. Patient Monitoring System - Hospital Monitors-1

MeCan Patient Monitoring System provides a holistic approach to patient care, combining advanced cardiac monitoring features, drug calculation capabilities, and networking capacity. The system's reliability, extended battery life, and anti-interference features make it an essential tool for healthcare professionals ensuring optimal patient outcomes.