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Poratble 12 Lead Dynamic ECG System

The MCS0200 Dynamic ECG System is a cutting-edge solution incorporating international standard 12-lead systems.
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  • MCS0200

  • MeCan


 Portable 12 Lead Dynamic ECG Machine Description:

The 3 Channel ECG Machine, model MCI0247, is a versatile and efficient solution designed for routine clinical applications. Its streamlined workflow and comprehensive clinical functions elevate diagnostic excellence, operational efficiency, and overall profitability.

Poratble 12 Lead Dynamic ECG System


Portable 12 Lead Dynamic ECG Machine Recorder Features:

  • Sturdy and reliable design with advanced technology for stable and durable performance.

  • Anti-jamming and aseismatic capabilities ensure reliable operation in various conditions.

  • Compact size with an OLED screen (160*128 resolution) for convenient use.

  • Functions include waveform preview, record review, event marking, and accurate start time recording.

  • Inbuilt TF card storage (up to 2GB) prevents data damage from repeated insertion and removal.

  • USB 2.0 interface enables quick average review time of less than 40 seconds for a single case.

  • High precision and sampling frequency capture waveform details in extenso.

  • International standard 12 leads for a comprehensive 24-hour DECG recording.

| Software Features:

  • Quick and accurate analysis system for efficient diagnosis.

  • 12-lead synchro analysis with accurate QRS search and minimal distortion.

  • Over 10 templates, including modules for atrial premature beat, ventricular premature beat, long interval, atrial flutter, atrial fibrillation, and user-defined templates.

  • Flexible channel selection function for customized analysis.

  • Powerful pacemaker analysis covering AAI, VVI, DDD, and more.

  • Fast review analysis function for single lead or all leads electrocardiogram.

  • Heart rate variability analysis with short-range (5 minutes) and long-range (1 hour and 24 hours) options.

  • One-stop printing operation for convenient and quick report printing.

  • Comprehensive case management functionality.

  • Advanced ST segment analysis and myocardial ischemia total load for comprehensive judgment of myocardial ischemia.

  • Unique analyses for sleep breath pause syndrome, HRT analysis, T-wave alternation, QT discrete degree, ventricular late potential, vector ECG, time vector analysis, and additional functions for enhanced reference value in analysis reports..

| Poratble 12 Lead Dynamic ECG System Technical Parameters

Poratble 12 Lead Dynamic ECG System Technical Parameters

This MCS0200 Dynamic ECG System is a portable and feature-rich solution, providing accurate diagnostics for a range of cardiac conditions.