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Portable Handheld Laser Therapy Device

MeCan Medical Professional Semiconductor Intelligent Pain Physiotherapy Laser Therapeutic Apparatus Equipment manufacturers,MeCan offer professional service,our team is well-tained, we are in it more than 15 years, we are very professional and we will provide the best service to you.


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  • MCT0239

  • MeCan


 Product Description

Introducing our latest innovation in pain relief technology, the Portable Handheld Laser Therapy Device. This new arrival is designed for the effective treatment of acute and chronic pain. With a perfect combination of medical-grade 808nm and home-use 650nm laser diodes, this device offers a safe, non-invasive, and side-effect-free solution for pain relief and rehabilitation therapy.

Portable Handheld Laser Therapy Device supplier


 Product Packaging
Packaging box of Handheld Laser Therapy Device
Packaging box of Handheld Laser Therapy Device3
Packaging box of Handheld Laser Therapy Device4


 Key Features:

  1. Portable and Convenient: Small in size and handheld, this device is specially designed for household use. It offers the convenience of pain relief therapy whenever and wherever you need it.

  2. Long Duration Time: Equipped with a rechargeable 2600mAh lithium battery, a fully charged device provides up to 4 days of continuous therapy after just 2 hours of charging.

  3. Obvious Pain Relief: Experience noticeable pain relief with the advanced low-level laser therapy technology that effectively treats conditions such as arthritis, knee arthritis, soft tissue injuries, and more.

  4. Totally Physical Therapy: Our device employs a completely physical therapy approach, ensuring its safety and non-invasiveness.

| Indications:

Our Portable Handheld Laser Therapy Device is suitable for a wide range of indications, making it an invaluable addition to your pain management and rehabilitation toolkit. It can effectively address conditions such as:

  1. Pain Relief: This device is designed to alleviate various types of pain, including acute and chronic pain, providing soothing relief from discomfort.

  2. Arthritis: If you or your loved one is struggling with arthritis, our device can be used to manage the pain and discomfort associated with this condition, promoting better joint health.

  3. Knee Arthritis: Specifically designed to target knee arthritis, our therapy device can help reduce knee pain and improve mobility, enhancing your overall quality of life.

  4. Soft Tissue Injury: Whether it's a sports-related injury or a strain from daily activities, our device aids in the recovery of soft tissue injuries, accelerating the healing process.

  5. Rehabilitation Therapy: If you're undergoing physical rehabilitation, our handheld laser therapy device can complement your treatment plan by promoting tissue repair and reducing pain.

  6. Household Use: Its user-friendly design makes it suitable for household use, allowing you to take charge of your pain relief regimen in the comfort of your own home.


 Data Sheet

Battery capacity

built-in lithium battery 2600mAh

Laser wavelength

808nm and 650nm

Case Material


Lens Material

tempered glass

Maximum power


Working mode

Pulse mode and continuous mode

Using time

3-4 hours

Terminal laser output

4 laser beams with 808nm, 12 laser beams with 650nm

Time setting

15-60 minutes

Total power



 Why Choose Our Handheld Laser Therapy Device?

Our Portable Handheld Laser Therapy Device is your go-to solution for pain relief and rehabilitation therapy. Its portability, convenience, and effectiveness make it an excellent choice for households.