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Portable Non-invasive Ventilator

Portable Non-invasive Ventilator

  • Model NO.: MCA-V19
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  • Country of Origin:Guangzhou
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Portable Non-invasive Ventilator

Model: MCA-V19

MCA-V19 is mainly used for patients with mild to moderate respiratory failure, no indication of emergency intubation, relatively stable vital signs and no taboo of noninvasive ventilation.It is used for early intervention and auxiliary evacuation of respiratory failure。

Nowadays,COVID-19 which causedby the novelcoronavirus outbreaks worldwide.The virus will quickly invadehuman lung cells and cause pne-umonia, which will cause severe lower respirat-ory tract diseases, such as acute lung injurya-nd respiratory distress syndrome. Some criticalpati-entmay even have symptoms such as resp-iratory failure, refractory hypoxemia,shock,mul-tiple organ failure,and coagulopathy.For COVID-19,ventilator is one of the most effe-ctive treatments in the absence of specific dru-gs.Under ventilated, the blood oxygen of patie-nt  can be effectively improved and the morta-lity rate can be reduced.


Screen3.5'' colorful LCD
Respiratory modeCPAPSS/TT
Weight 1.8Kg
Noise Level



Isens          1-6 level        
Esens1-6 level
Islop1-6 level
InspTime         0.5-3s      
BPM 4-40bpm
Humidifier 0-5 level
Auto-air compensationAvailable
Auto-adjustment altitudeAvailable
Ramp0-60 min

Our Ventilator are used in China Makeshift Hospital for COVID-19


Package:1 unit/carton, 42*38*20cm, 7kg

We can provide 500 units/week



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