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Portable Suction Unit

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  • MCS0872

  • MeCan

Portable Suction Unit for Versatile Medical Care

Model Number: MCS0872

Product Overview:

Empower your medical care capabilities with our Portable Suction Unit, a compact and efficient device designed for versatile use. Whether in a medical facility or on the go, this unit ensures reliable suction for a range of applications.

Portable Suction Unit MCS0872 

Key Features:


    1. AC/DC Functionality:

        Seamless transition between AC and DC power sources, providing flexibility for usage in various settings, including in-car operation.

    2. Extended Battery Life:

        Long-lasting battery life exceeding 2 hours ensures sustained and uninterrupted operation during critical medical procedures.

    3. Automatic AC/DC Switch:

        Smart AC/DC switch functionality allows the unit to automatically adapt to the available power source for hassle-free operation.

    4. Imported Diaphragm Pump:

        Utilizes an imported diaphragm pump for efficient and reliable suction performance, meeting the demands of diverse medical environments.

    5. Battery Status Indication:

        Clear indication for battery full charge ensures that users are informed about the charging status for optimal planning.

    6. Auto-Stop on Full Charge:

        Smart technology automatically stops charging when the battery reaches full capacity, preventing overcharging and enhancing battery longevity.

    7. Compact and Low Noise:

        Compact design ensures portability, while the low noise level guarantees a quiet and conducive medical environment.

    8. Overflow Protection:

        Equipped with an overflow protection mechanism, enhancing safety during operation and preventing potential issues.

    9. Maintenance-Free Oil-Free Pump:

        Incorporates an oil-free membrane pump, offering maintenance-free operation, reducing downtime, and ensuring consistent performance.

Product Specifications:

  • Pump Structure: Oil-free membrane pump

  • Negative Pressure Adjustment Range: 0.013MPa~0.009MPa

  • Air Pumping Efficiency: ≥28L/min

  • Suction Bottle: 1000ml*1 (glass bottle)

  • Input Power: 150VA

  • Fuse: F2AL250Vφ5×20、F10AL250Vφ6×30

  • Noise Level: ≤65dB

  • Battery: 12V 6Ah×1