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Portable X-ray - Urgent Care Imaging

On-the-go imaging for urgent care with our portable X-ray machine.
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  • MX-DR080C13

  • MeCan


 Portable X ray Machine Description:

Explore the versatility of our Foot X-ray Machine, a compact diagnostic solution crafted for mobility and adaptability in diverse medical scenarios. Boasting an 8kw X-ray head and a loadable stand, this innovation guarantees precise imaging quality for foot diagnostics in ambulances and SUVs.

foot x ray machine in MeCan Medical-China


Portable X ray Machine Key Features:

  1. Efficient 8kw X-ray Power: Efficiently conduct foot diagnostics with our 8kw X-ray head, ensuring precise imaging for examinations in various medical settings.

  2. Intuitive 10.4-inch LCD Touch Screen Interface: Effortlessly navigate diagnostic procedures using our user-friendly 10.4-inch LCD Touch Screen interface. With 14 preset parameters, healthcare professionals can efficiently customize imaging settings for precise foot diagnostics.

  3. Loadable Stand for Ambulance and SUVs: Redefine mobility with our loadable X-ray stand designed for foot diagnostics. Perfect for ambulances and SUVs, this stand facilitates easy transportation of the 16.8kg X-ray machine, providing a convenient solution for on-the-go foot examinations.

  4. Improved Circuit Optimization Design: Benefit from an enhanced circuit optimization design, ensuring reliable performance with a 220V power supply. This design enhances the adaptability of our Foot X-ray Machine to various power sources.

  5. Excellent Quality of Medical Image: Elevate diagnostic precision with superior quality medical images tailored for foot examinations. Our Foot X-ray Machine delivers outstanding imaging results, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions confidently.

  6. Adaptability for Ambulance and SUV Usage: Tailored for ambulances and SUVs, our Foot X-ray Machine features extendable legs, a foldable computer tray, and frame. This design allows for easy placement and storage, maximizing space efficiency in these critical vehicles.

  7. Compact Loading Size: Enhance portability with a loading size of 1327466cm. Our Foot X-ray Machine ensures convenience during transportation and storage, making it an ideal solution for medical professionals on the move.

  8. Versatile Imaging with Flexible Tube: Embrace versatile imaging possibilities with the flexible tube, ensuring adaptability to the dynamic needs of foot diagnostics. This feature adds a new dimension to positioning options, enhancing the overall diagnostic experience.

X-ray Machine feature


 Portable X ray Machine Parameters

X-ray Machine specification