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Precision Laboratory Centrifuge

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  • MCL0202

  • MeCan

Lab Centrifuge with Safety Lock

Model Number: MCL0202

Product Overview:

Introducing our cutting-edge Digital Lab Centrifuge, a sophisticated instrument designed to meet the demands of modern laboratories. This centrifuge machine combines aesthetics with functionality, offering a large capacity in a compact form. Equipped with advanced features, it ensures precise qualitative analysis of serum, plasma, and immunity factors.

Precision Laboratory Centrifuge MCL0202 (6) 

Key Features:  


1. Modern and Sleek Design:

Boasts an attractive and modern design that enhances the visual appeal of your laboratory setup.

2. Efficient Digital Speed Control:

Features a digital speed display with the flexibility to choose the required speed within the set range, providing precise control over centrifugation processes.

3. Automatic Balance Maintenance:

The centrifuge maintains automatic balance, ensuring stability throughout the operation.

4. Safety Interlock with Lid Lock:

Incorporates a safety interlock mechanism preventing the lid from opening during operation, enhancing user safety.

5. Low Temperature Increase:

Exhibits a minimal rate of temperature increase during operation, preserving sample integrity and ensuring efficient analysis.

6. Dependable Instrument:

Reliable for qualitative analysis of serum, plasma, and immunity factors, meeting the stringent requirements of hospitals, chemical, and biochemical laboratories.

7. Compact Yet Spacious:

Despite its small footprint, the centrifuge offers a spacious interior for accommodating multiple samples simultaneously.

8. Safety Lock for Added Security:

Features an additional safety lock for enhanced security during operation.

Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications