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Clinical High-Speed Blood Centrifuge

MeCan Medical High Quality MCL0060 High Speed Centrifuge Plasma Blood Hospital Clinic Centrifuge al Laboratory Centrifuge Wholesale - Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited,Every equipments from MeCan gets passed strict quality inspection,and final passed yield is 100%.

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  • MCL0060

  • MeCan

Clinical Centrifuge for Blood Separation


  • Type:Bio-Separation System

  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA

  • Instrument classification:Class II

  • Brand Name:MeCan

  • Model Number: MCL0060


Product Overview:

The MCL0060 Clinical Centrifuge is a reliable and versatile centrifuge machine designed for handling small sample volumes with precision and efficiency. As a trusted centrifuge supplier, we offer a high-quality solution suitable for various applications in medical, veterinary, environmental, and educational settings.


Clinical Centrifuge for Blood Separation


Key Features:

  1. Practical Design: Equipped with an angle rotor capable of accommodating up to 15mLx8 or 10ml/7ml/5mLx12 vacuum tubes, catering to diverse sample processing needs. Ideal for centrifugation of blood and urine samples in medical and veterinary practices, as well as environmental analyses for water and soil sample clarification.

  2. Micro-Computer Control: Features micro-computer control technology for precise speed control, ensuring high accuracy in centrifugation processes. Digital LCD display provides real-time parameter feedback, enhancing user convenience and monitoring of experimental processes.

  3. Versatile Speed Settings: Allows users to set and display rotor speed in RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) or G-force (Relative Centrifugal Force), providing flexibility for different applications and sample types.

  4. Brushless DC Motor: Incorporates a brushless DC motor known for its reliability, low maintenance requirements, and minimal pollution during operation, ensuring consistent and efficient performance.

  5. Short Spin Function: Features a convenient short spin function activated by pressing and holding the PULSE key, allowing for quick spins when needed without disrupting the centrifugation process.

  6. Electrical Lock and Automatic Lid Release: Built-in electrical lock mechanism ensures sample safety during centrifugation, automatically releasing the lid when the rotor stops to prevent overheating and save processing time.

  7. Self-Diagnostic Check: Initiates a self-diagnostic check upon startup, providing assurance of operational integrity. Displays accumulative running time and last running parameters for comprehensive monitoring and maintenance tracking.





Conforms to international safety standards and regulations

  • DRAGONLAB clinical centrifuges have passed the explosion-proof test and are marked with CE, cTUVus, and FCC.

  • MCA test according to IEC/EN61010-2-20 including explosion-proof and bio-safe tests.

  • Passed EN61010-2-101:2002 particular requirements for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical equipment.

  • High-strength plastic rotor and excellent balance technology guarantee a quiet and stable operation.

  • Dual protection casing provides safe and reliable running.

  • Brushless motor drives quickly and effortlessly accelerates the rotor to set speed.

Precise control

  • CPU controls all operating parameters including speed and time.

  • High accuracy of speed, excellent performance.

  • The operation can be timed from 30 seconds to 99 minutes or continuous running.

  • The timer commences once the set speed is reached, so the separation time is more accurate.

  • Gentle braking at low speeds with efficient separation.

Ergonomic design

  • User-friendly large LCD display shows all information.

  • RPM or G-force can be set and displayed.

  • Parameters can be modified after the set speed is reached

  • Quick spins are possible by pressing and holding the PULSE key.

  • The centrifuge speed can be accelerated and held at the target speed.

  • Automatic release of the lid when operation has stopped to save processing time.

  • Easy-to-read processing display and sound alert.