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China Operation Equipment Syringe Pump manufacturers-MeCan Medical

MeCan Medical China Operation Equipment Syringe Pump manufacturers-MeCan Medical,MeCan provide one-stop solutions for new hospitals,clinics,labs and universities,has helped 270 hospitals,540 clinics,190 vet clinics to set up in Malaysia,Africa,Europe,etc.we can save your time,energy and money.

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Main features

Colorful TFT screen with keyboard button

Automatic self-identification of 5mL, 10mL, 20mL, 30mL and 50mL syringes

Compatible with all kinds of syringe brands

4 injection modes: ml/h Mode. Weight Mode, Volume-Time Mode, Standby Mode

25 injection speed units

KVO & Bolus function

Visible and audible Alarms

Real time display

Rechargeable Lithium battery can work continuously for over 4.5 hours

Stackable combination with single AC power supply

Double CPU

Autosave 2000 syringe records

Technical Parameters

Applicable Syringe Specification

5ml, 10m1, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml

Syringe Brand

Any syringe brand

Scope of Injection rate

0.1-100mI/h, 5mI Syringe

0.1-600ml/h, 20ml Syringe

0.1-800ml/h, 30ml Syringe

0.1-1200ml/h, 50ml Syringe

Bolus rate

50-100ml/h(Default 50ml/h), 10ml Syringe

50-300ml/h(Default 50ml/h), 10ml Syringe

50-600ml/h(Default 50ml/h), 10ml Syringe

50-800ml/h(Default 50ml/h), 10ml Syringe

50-1200ml/h(Default 50ml/h), 10ml Syringe

KVO rate

0.1-1.0ml/h, adjustable at Increment level of 0.01ml/h



Speed unit (Dose-rate unit)

25kinds of injection-speed units as follows:

ml/h, mg/min. m9/h, mg/24

mg/kg/min. mg/kg/h.

mg/kg/24h. ug/min. ug/h,

Ug/24h, ug/kg/min. ug/kg/h,

ug/kg/24h, U/min, U/h, U/24h.

U/kg/min, U/kg/h. U/kg/24h,

kU/min, kU/h, kU/24h,

kU/kg/min, kU/kg/h,


Accumulated Injection Volume





Three levels for selection:




4modes: ml/h mode, Weight mode,


Volume-Time mode


AC power failure, Syringe falls off, Reinstall

syringe, Countdown, Air, Occlusion, Low

battery, Error, Over, no enough drugs,

beyond Parameters range

Operating Condition

Environment Temperature: 5-40


Relative Humidity: 20%-90%

Atmospheric Pressure: 700 hPa-1060hPa

AC 100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz,

DC 14.8V(+5%,-10%) 2000mAh rechargeable

Input Power



Rechargeable battery; Charging time: 12-16h;

Discharge time: over 4.5h(when the battery is full)


AC 250V 3.15A

Safety Level

Class 1, Type BF

IP Grade



245mm x 135mm x 120mm


G.W:3.3kg, N.W: 2.3kg

MeCan Medical  is finely designed. Its design is finished by considering many factors such as frame construction, control system design, mechanism design, and operating temperatures.


1.What is your warranty for the products?
One year for free
2.What is your after-sales service?
We provide technical support through operating manual and video; Once you have questions, you can get our engineer's prompt response by email,phone call,or training in factory. If it's hardware problem, within the warranty period, we will send you spare parts for free, or you send it back then we repair for you freely.
3.What is the delivery time?
We have shipping agent,we can deliver the products to you by express,air freight,sea.Below is some delivery time for your reference:  Express:UPS,DHL,TNT,ect (door to door)  United States(3 days),Ghana(7 days),Uganda(7-10 days),Kenya(7-10 days),Nigeria(3-9 days)  Hand carry  Send to your hotel,your friends,your forwarder,your sea port or your warehouse in China.  Air freight(from airport to airport)  Los Angeles(2-7 days),Accra(7-10 days),Kampala(3-5 days),Lagos(3-5 days),Asuncion(3-10 days)  Se


1.MeCan Focus on medical equipments over 15 years since 2006.
2.More than 20000 customers choose MeCan.
3.Every equipments from MeCan gets passed strict quality inspection,and final passed yield is over 99.9%.
4.OEM/ODM, customized according to your requirements.

About MeCan Medical

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is a professional medical and laboratory equipment manufacturer and supplier. For more than ten years, we engage in supplying competitive price and quality products to many hospitals and clinics, research institutions and universities. We satisfy our customers by offering comprehensive support, purchase convenience and in time after sale service. Our main products include Ultrasound Machine, Hearing Aid, CPR Manikins, X-ray Machine and Accessories, Fiber and Video Endoscopy, ECG&EEG Machines, Anesthesia Machines, Ventilators, Hospital furniture, Electric Surgical Unit, Operating Table, Surgical Lights, Dental Chairs and Equipment, Ophthalmology and ENT Equipment, First Aid Equipment, Mortuary Refrigeration Units, Medical Veterinary Equipment.