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Hydraulic Obstetric and Gynecologic Surgery Table

MeCan Medical MCS1020 Stainless Steel Manual Hydraulic Gynecology Chair Manual Delivery Bed manufacturers - MeCan Medical, MeCan offer professional service,our team is well-tained, every equipments from MeCan gets passed strict quality inspection,and final passed yield is 100%, we have many kinds of OB/GYN Equipment.


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  • MCS1020

  • MeCan

Stainless Steel Manual Hydraulic Gynecology Delivery Bed

Model: MCS1020

Product Overview:

The Electric Gynaecology Operating Table is a versatile and innovative medical equipment designed to meet the demands of gynaecological procedures, examinations, and diagnoses. With its advanced features and adaptable design, it provides healthcare professionals with the flexibility and precision needed for effective patient care.

Stainless Steel Manual Hydraulic Gynecology Delivery Bed


  1. Electric Height Adjustment: Allows precise positioning of the table for optimal accessibility during procedures.

  2. Electric Back Section Adjustment: Provides customizable positioning to enhance patient comfort and support during examinations and surgeries.

  3. Electric Sitting Board Adjustment: Enables clinicians to adjust the sitting position of the patient for specific procedures and examinations.

  4. Comprehensive Accessories: Includes handrails, arm supports, LED supports, foot switch, and stainless steel drain basin for added convenience and functionality.

  5. Optional Hand Controller: Enhances usability and control, allowing healthcare providers to adjust settings with ease during procedures.


  • Gynaecological surgeries

  • Obstetric procedures

  • Gynaecological examinations and diagnoses

  • Colposcopy procedures

  • Hysteroscopy procedures

The Electric Gynaecology Operating Table is an indispensable tool in gynaecological and obstetric settings, offering reliable performance, ergonomic design, and enhanced patient care capabilities.

Manual hydraulic obstetric delivery bed is mainly used for delivery and gynecologic surgeries. The tabletop lifting is provided by a hydraulic pump, and all the actions can be adjusted and locked at any positions in its adjustment range. And the leg board can be removed.It is made from stainless steel.

Technical Parameters:

Dimensions: 1280 x 600mm

Electric Height Adjustment: 600-1100mm

Electric Back Section Adjustment: 0-75°

Electric Sitting Board Adjustment: 0-30°