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Successful X-ray Machine Installation at MEDIC WEST AFRICA 45th

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In the span of September 26th to 28th, MeCan Medical had the privilege of participating in the MEDIC WEST AFRICA 45th exhibition, held in Nigeria. During this significant event, a local hospital director visited our booth, expressing a keen interest in our X-ray machines.

Photos with customers at the at the MEDIC WEST AFRICA 45th exhibition

The interaction culminated in their decision to purchase one of our X-ray machines, and with the assistance of our on-site technicians, we promptly arranged the installation at their hospital. The installation process went smoothly, and the client was notably impressed with the simplicity of our X-ray machine setup.

Technician is installing X-ray machine
Technician is installing FPD
Technician is installing FPD connect to X ray machine

Following the installation, we conducted a chest X-ray exposure test to ensure the system's optimal performance. We were delighted to witness the client's satisfaction as they expressed their admiration for the remarkable image clarity produced by our X-ray machine.

X-ray machine chest exposure test
X-ray machine chest exposure imaging

Our journey at MEDIC WEST AFRICA 45th was marked by this notable achievement, demonstrating our dedication to delivering innovative healthcare solutions to our clients in the region. We take pride in this achievement and look forward to more opportunities to make a positive impact on the Medical device in West Africa.

A photo taken with the customer after the X-ray machine was successfully installed

Stay tuned for more updates and success stories in the "Cases" section of our independent website. We are committed to sharing our experiences and successes as we continue to serve the medical community in the region. Your trust in MeCan Medical drives our ongoing pursuit of excellence.

If you are also interested in this X-ray machine, please click on the picture to learn more product information or contact us directly

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