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Disposable Universal Surgical Pack

MCK0288 Universal Surgical Pack is a versatile and disposable solution for a wide range of surgical procedures. It is equipped with essential components, making it a preferred choice for healthcare providers and hospitals.
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  • MCK0288

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 Disposable Universal Pack Description:

MCK0288 Neonatal and Pediatric ICU Ventilator is a cutting-edge medical device designed for the safety and comfort of newborns, infants, and pediatric patients. With advanced features and a scientific design, this ventilator offers precise control and reliability in critical care situations. Discover the key features of this pediatric and neonatal ventilator below:


 ICU Ventilator Features:

  1. Disposable Convenience: The Universal Surgical Pack is designed for single-use, ensuring sterility and reducing infection risks.

  2. Versatile and Comprehensive: This pack includes essential components for a wide range of surgical procedures, offering convenience and efficiency.

  3. Sterile Assurance: Each component is meticulously sterilized to maintain a clean and safe surgical environment.

  4. Quality Materials: Crafted from high-quality materials, the components meet rigorous medical standards for durability and performance.

  5. Cost and Time Efficiency: The Universal Surgical Pack streamlines the preparation process, saving time and reducing overall procedure costs.

  6. Safety for All: Designed to ensure the safety and well-being of both patients and healthcare providers, minimizing contamination risks.

  7. User-Friendly Setup: Components are individually packaged for easy access and setup in the surgical room.

  8. Environmental Responsibility: The Universal Surgical Pack is designed with environmental consciousness in mind, meeting disposal regulations while maintaining high performance.

  9. Trusted in Healthcare: Used and recommended by healthcare professionals, this surgical pack represents quality and reliability in the medical field.

  10. Customization Options: We offer customization to meet specific hospital or clinic needs, ensuring adaptability in various healthcare settings.

disposable universal pack


 Included Components:

● Head Drape: The head drape is a crucial component that ensures a sterile and clean environment around the patient's head during surgery, preventing contamination.

● Foot Drape: Providing coverage and protection for the lower part of the patient, the foot drape is essential to maintain sterility throughout the surgical procedure.

● Side Drape: The side drape enhances the sterile field, minimizing contamination risks and ensuring a safe surgical environment for both the patient and the surgical team.

● Mayo Stand Cover: This component protects medical instruments and equipment placed on the Mayo stand during the surgery, maintaining their sterility and usability.

● OP Tape: The OP tape offers secure adhesion for drapes and covers, ensuring they remain in place throughout the surgical procedure.

● Hand Towels: Hand towels are an essential component for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the surgical room, allowing healthcare professionals to maintain sterile conditions.

● Standard Surgical Gown: The standard surgical gown provides comfort and protection for the healthcare provider, ensuring they can work efficiently and safely.

● Suture Bag: This component conveniently holds sutures and related items, allowing for easy access during the surgical procedure.

● Back Table Cover: The back table cover keeps the working area sterile and organized, facilitating a smooth and efficient surgical process.

● SMS Wrap: SMS wrap is a reliable material used in medical settings for its strength and barrier properties, contributing to the overall sterility and effectiveness of the surgical pack.

Universal Surgical Pack Included Components

These included components in the Universal Surgical Pack have been thoughtfully selected to cover the essential needs of a wide range of surgical procedures. Each component plays a vital role in maintaining a sterile and efficient surgical environment, contributing to the success and safety of the surgery.

Choose the Universal Surgical Pack for efficient, hygienic, and reliable solutions for a wide range of surgical procedures. It's designed to meet the needs of both healthcare providers and patients, ensuring a safe and comfortable surgical experience.