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Vibration Sputum Elimination
Vibration Sputum Elimination
Vibration Sputum Elimination

Vibration Sputum Elimination

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USD 150.00-150.00
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  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Instrument classification:Class II
  • Brand Name:Mecan
  • Model Number:MCL-700

 Vibration Sputum Elimination   



What is our principle?

Vibration Sputum Elimination

practical arm medical mechine is designed according to physicalorientation tapping principle. The device will produce the periodicitycomposition offorces(composition by vertical and horizontal forces)in the directionof human bodysurface,and canbe penetrated cortex,muscles, tissues and bodyfluids,Vertical forcescan produce percuss and tremorrole for human body to maker espiratory mucosal surface mucus and metabolites flaband liquefaction,and makeit shrink and becomeloose.Horizontal forcescan produce directional squeeze pushandtremor role to make the phlegm that is liquefied in the bronchus to flush outgradually from human bodyaccording to thedirectionalsqueezepush (for example:bronchiole→ bronchus→trachea).

Household sputum removal equipment


sputum removal equipment

Product Description

What are our function?

1.Help patients to remove sputum.

2.Promote blood circulation ,

3.Relieve bronchial smooth muscle spazm.

4.To accelerate lymphocyte reflux

5.To eliminate edema,and lessen blockade.

6.To improve biood oxygen content.

7.To improve breath sound.


1.Hospital:Respiratory medicine,neurology,ICU/CCU, Neurosurgery, thoracic surgery,

department of Infectious diseases, general surgery, pediatrics, geriatrics, rehabilitation

therapy, occupational diseases, emergency call, postoperative recovery and so on.

2. Physical training/ gymnasium: massage after strenuous exercise.

3.Household physiotherapy,safety,easy-operating, to protect family health.

4. Sanitarium/nursing home: physiotherapy for the aged.

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Household sputum removal equipment

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Household sputum removal equipment