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Warming Blanket Hospital - Advanced Patient Warming Solution

MeCan Hospital Warming Blanket utilizes air convection to efficiently warm patients. Choose from 16 disposable blankets for diverse needs. With multiple wind speeds and temperature control protection, our warm blanket hospital ensures ultimate comfort and safety.
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  • MCS1273

  • MeCan

Warming Blanket Hospital - Advanced Patient Warming Solution

Model: MCS1273

hospital warming blanket manufacturer

Comfortable and Efficient Patient Warming

The Warming Blanket utilizes air convection to transmit heat energy evenly through the disposable blanket to the patient's body surface. This achieves effective heat preservation and prevents hypothermia during medical procedures. The blanket is made of delicate non-woven fabric and melt-blown cloth material, ensuring optimum comfort for patients. Its scientific air outlet arrangement facilitates excellent temperature transfer, making it widely used in Operation Rooms, ICUs, and various wards. With a color LCD screen and quick-setting button, it offers an intuitive user experience.


Key Product Features

  • Multiple Wind Speed: Eight adjustable wind speeds cater to the diverse needs of different patients and environments, providing optimal comfort.

  • Multiple Temperature Control Protection: Dual hardware and software temperature protection ensure precise and reliable temperature management for patient safety.

  • History Record: With over 10,000 logs, essential data can be easily retrieved for necessary references and reviews.

  • Air Purification Function: Equipped with a G4 (EN779) grade air filter and plasma air purification function, maintaining a clean and sterile environment.


  • Warming Blankets for Every Need

  • Choose from a wide selection of 16 disposable warming blankets to meet various patient requirements. Options include Lower Body Blanket, Torso Blanket, Pediatric Blanket, Shoulder Surgical Blanket, Sleeve Belly Window Blanket, Sleeveless Belly Window Blanket, Upper Body Blanket, Whole Body Blanket, Adult Blanket (mat type), Lithotomy Blanket (mat type), Adult Half-Pack Blanket (mat type), All-Road Blanket (mat type), Pediatric Blanket (mat type), Pediatric Whole Body Window Blanket (mat type), Baby Blanket (mat type), and Baby Full Body Window Blanket (mat type).


Technical Specifications:



Temperature Setting

32.0 ~41.0°C、95.0 ~105.8°F

Temperature Increment


Temperature Deviation


Optional Unit

°C & °F

Warming Up Time

<4 minutes

Working Mode

Continuous working

Operation Time

Real time display


Overheat, low temperature, no operation,fan error, temperature sensor error


3.5-inch color LCD display

Air Volume

8 Level

Natural Wind Function


Quick Temperature Setting

4 Temp.

Alarm Volume

8 Level

Mute Time

2 minutes

History Record


Ambient Temperature Function



Chinese and English

Air Purification

Plasma air purification


16 kinds disposable blankets optional


G4 (EN779) grade

Power Consumption


Power Supply

AC220V, 50Hz/60Hz

Type of Protection against Electric Shock

Class I

Degree of Protection against Electric Shock

Applied part Type BF protection against defibrillation discharge effects

Operation Environ-ment

Temp: +10°C~+40°C; Humidity: 30%~75%; Atmospheric pressure: non-conden-sation, 70KPa~106Kpa

Storage Environment

Temperature: -20°C~+55°C; Humidity: 10~93%; Atmospheric pressure: non-conden-sation, 50KPa~106Kpa

Degree of Protection against Ingress of Liquid



260mm X 325mm X 325mm



Overheat Protection Function

Dual hardware and software protection, real-time temperature monitoring and over 50±5°C hardware forced power-off


Enhance Patient Care with Warming Blanket Hospital

Experience enhanced patient comfort and safety with the Warming Blanket Hospital. From its advanced temperature control to a vast array of warming blankets, it provides a comprehensive patient warming solution for medical facilities. Embrace cutting-edge technology and elevate patient care now!

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