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3-part Auto Hematology Analyzer

MeCan 3-part automated hematology analyzer, provides accurate differentiation of various blood cell types, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.
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  • MCL1682

  • MeCan

Product Description:

Our 3-Part Intelligent Automated Hematology Analyzer is a state-of-the-art instrument designed to provide precise and efficient blood analysis. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, this analyzer is an essential tool for modern laboratories seeking accuracy and reliability in hematology diagnostics.

Key Features:

High Throughput: Capable of processing up to 60 tests per hour, ensuring rapid and efficient analysis.

User-Friendly Interface: Features an 8-inch touch screen for intuitive operation and easy navigation.

Comprehensive Analysis: Measures 24 parameters and displays data in 3 histograms for detailed examination.

Minimal Sample Volume: Requires only 10 μL of sample, conserving valuable resources.

Efficient Reagent Use: Utilizes only 2 reagents, reducing operational costs and simplifying maintenance.

Versatile Counting Modes: Offers 3 counting modes to accommodate various testing needs.

Large Data Storage: Capable of storing up to 100,000 sample results for extensive record-keeping.

Connectivity: Supports LIS integration and external printer connectivity for seamless data management and reporting.

Portable Design: Lightweight with a net weight of 21 kg, facilitating easy transportation and setup.

Compliance: CE marked to ensure adherence to European quality and safety standards.

Why Choose Our 3-Part Intelligent Automated Hematology Analyzer?

Our hematology analyzer stands out with its high throughput and advanced diagnostic capabilities, making it a top choice for laboratories focused on efficiency and accuracy. The combination of minimal sample volume, efficient reagent use, and large data storage ensures optimal performance in a user-friendly design.

The 3-Part Intelligent Automated Hematology Analyzer is designed for laboratories requiring high-efficiency and precise blood analysis. This 3 differentiation automated hematology analyzer offers a throughput of 60 tests per hour and operates with minimal sample volume, using only 10 μL per test. With an 8-inch touch screen and 24 parameter measurements displayed in 3 histograms, it provides comprehensive and user-friendly diagnostics. Supporting LIS and external printers, and capable of storing 100,000 sample results, this analyzer ensures seamless data management. CE marked for quality assurance, it’s a reliable choice for any modern lab.