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Livestream – 3D Human Anatomy Table | MeCan Medical

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Compared with the conventional human model, the 3D Human Anatomy Table has the advantages of visualization and intuition 

in anatomy teaching. It can be rotated at any angle, and the viewing angle can be changed arbitrarily. 

We will introduce this 3D Human Anatomy Table in detail on FackBook:

1. The 3D human anatomy system based on the 3D reconstruction of continuous real sectional images.

The system is developed with continuous real sectional images of human specimen and more than 5000 3D reconstructed anatomical structures.

2. Student autonomous learning system.

The system covers anatomy teaching contents. Corresponding CT and magnetic resonance images are arranged on the basis of the image 

of the section specimen. Also provide teaching micro-course video and a large number of digital exercises.

More information, click here:

We have also released related videos on YouTube, if you are interested, please click: