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Professional 88/55 inch Touch Screen 3D Human Anatomy System For Education manufacturers

MeCan Medical Professional 88/55 inch Touch Screen 3D Human Anatomy System For Education manufacturers,MeCan offer professional service,our team is well-tainedwe are in it more than 10 years, we are very professional and we will provide the best service to you.




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88/55 inch Touch Screen 3D Human Anatomy System For Education

3D Touch Screen Human Anatomy System(Stand type, 55 inch/86 inch)

Model: MCE-A98/MCE-A99

What is the detail of our 3D Human Anatomy System?

MeCan Medical 3D Human Anatomy System is the serial section data of human body, base on picture segmentation, reconstructing the 3D structure, with the male section data 2,110 layers, and accuracy 0.1mm-1mm and the female 3,640 layers, accuracy 0.1mm-0.5mm; at last to reconstruct over 5,000 3D anatomic structures. it is the result which medical science combine with computer technology. According to content of teaching program, the operation and use are very easy. Up now, Our Digital Human Anatomy System is the only product of 3D reconstruction by sectional data. it pass the identification of Chinese Society for Anatomical Sciences.

Nowadays, It has been applied to anatomy teaching by more than 220 medical universities in China, which has improved the quality of teaching and led the reform of human anatomy teaching and even the direction of the medicine teaching.

1. The 3D human anatomy system based on the 3D reconstruction of continuous real sectional images.

The system is developed with continuous real sectional images of human specimen and more than 5000 3D reconstructed anatomical structures.

2. Full-featured digital anatomy teaching system.

The system can display all the human organs and tissues in completely realistic 3D model. Each structure is set with English names and English pronunciation, and all the key structures are marked with detailed annotation and corresponding textual interpretation. The anatomy structures can be rotated and viewed at any angle, The system setting functions including background switching, labeling, separation, transparency, dyeing, stripping, searching, pronunciation, freehand drawing and stereotaxic display etc. it can strengthen the vitality, interest and intuition of anatomy teaching.

3. Student autonomous learning system.

The system covers anatomy teaching contents. Corresponding CT and magnetic resonance images are arranged on the basis of the image of the section specimen. Also provide teaching micro-course video and a large number of digital exercises.

4. Simple and quick full touch operating system.

The system uses full touch operation interface with a 86/55-inch multi-touch system embedded, which has simple structure and beautiful appearance. It can power up to work without any software installation and debugging procedures.

5. Replace the blackboard, projector and TV.

86/55-inch large screen can display 3D human body structure, can carry courseware, pictures and video projection, provide 4K high-resolution display effect, high color sharpness, Students can observe it clearly. Convenient for teachers to teach large classes, perfect replacement for traditional teaching tools such as projectors and blackboards.


How to operate of our 3D Human Anatomy System?


Single show: clear the anatomical structure except the selected one convenient for user to check the structure.

All hide: Click the all hide button to empty the entire screen.

Hide: Hide the selected structure,

Undo: Click the undo button with the left mouse button on the right side to get back to the previous operation.

Drag: After clicking the Drag button on the right side, the 3D structure in the scene is separable. You can drag the structure by holding the left mouse button.

Explosion: Click the Explosion button to separate all structures in the scene from the center point.

Transparent: After selecting an anatomical structure, the structure is highlighted. Click the transparent button on the right to make the structure transparent. Transparency can be adjusted by dragging the slider.

Paint: Click paint button on the right to paint all the structures in the scene for differentiation.

Frame Select: After clicking the button on the right side, hold the left mouse button and draw a box in the scene. The structure in the box is all selected.

Quick positioning: Quickly switch all 3Dstructures in the scene to the front, back, side, top, bottom and other perspectives.

360 degrees: All models in the 3Dscene can be rotated in any direction.

Focus: Select any 3Dstructure, and the 3Dstructure will automatically move to the middle of the screen at an appropriate size for easy observation.

Table of Contents: The general outline and index of the entire digital human anatomy system. Users can browse through all the structures in the directory structure or precisely select certain organizational structures.

Pronunciation: Turn on the pronunciation button in non-transparent mode, click on any 3Dstructure, the English pronunciation of the structure will be automatically played.

Painting: draw and edit the screenshot of the structure in the current scene, and the edited image can be saved.

Find: In English mode, you can search for related models by entering the full name of the English name.

Stereoscopic display: The left and right perspectives show the 3Dmodel of the human body. Adapt to stereo teaching. (requires hardware support)

Stereoscopic display: The left and right perspectives show the 3Dmodel of the human body. Adapt to stereo teaching. (requires hardware support)

Human body section: The section part is to cut the human body from three directions of transverse, sagittal and crown to form a uniform and continuous section display.

Note: Open the comment function in non-transparent mode and click on any 3Dstructure to automatically display the relevant comment content of the structure.

Other: Video editing, annotation editing, tile editing, background switching, etc.

Touch Screen 3D Anatomy Education Virtual Anatomy Table

Other model of 3D Printing Mode

Other Education Manikins

If you need other styles,please tell us and we will try our best to producing satisfied products.

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1.What is the delivery time?
We have shipping agent,we can deliver the products to you by express,air freight,sea.Below is some delivery time for your reference:  Express:UPS,DHL,TNT,ect (door to door)  United States(3 days),Ghana(7 days),Uganda(7-10 days),Kenya(7-10 days),Nigeria(3-9 days)  Hand carry  Send to your hotel,your friends,your forwarder,your sea port or your warehouse in China.  Air freight(from airport to airport)  Los Angeles(2-7 days),Accra(7-10 days),Kampala(3-5 days),Lagos(3-5 days),Asuncion(3-10 days)  Se
2.Technology R & D
We have a professional R&D team that continuously upgrades and innovates products.
3.Quality Control (QC)
we have a professional quality control team to ensure that the final pass rate is 100%.


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