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Quality Lung Function Tester Manufacturer | MeCan Medical

Lung Function Tester  compared with similar products on the market, it has incomparable outstanding advantages in terms of performance, quality, appearance, etc., and enjoys a good reputation in the market.MeCan Medical summarizes the defects of past products, and continuously improves them. The specifications of Lung Function Tester can be customized according to your needs.


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Lung Function Tester


Product Information

This pulmonary function test machine measures the human body’s expiratory function and inspiratory function through a respiratory flow transducer by employing an advanced micro-computer processing system. Then a liquid crystal display (LCD) displays the results and a graphic printer prints the printing results after analyzing and processing the measured results. Data and curves about the forced vital capacity, vital capacity, maximum voluntary ventilation, airway resistance, small airway conditions and the like of human body can be detected simultaneously, and the pulmonary dysfunction suffered by the subject is fully automatically analyzed.

Measurement parameters:

1. Vital capacity measurement: VC, TV, ERV, IRV, IC, MV, RR

2. forced vital capacity measurement: FVC, FEV.1, FEV.2, FEV.3, PEF, V75, V50, V25, V50/V25, V25/H

3. Maximum voluntary ventilation measurement: MVV, BSA, MVV/BSA

4. Airway responsiveness experiment

5. Before and after using bronchodilator

Use scope:

1. Essential equipment of respiratory department, thoracic surgery, pulmonary, bronchitis clinical specialists of various hospitals.

2. The tester is widely applied to survey of occupational diseases and labor capacity identification of occupational diseases institute and disease control center.

3. The tester is used for research and teaching of sports respiratory physiology and pathology.

More details of Lung Function Tester

Company Advantages

OEM/ODM, customized according to your requirements.
More than 20000 customers choose MeCan.
MeCan Focus on medical equipments over 15 years since 2006.

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Quality Control (QC)        


we have a professional quality control team to ensure that the final pass rate is 100%.


What is your warranty for the products?        


More than 12 months for free


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40% of our products is in stock, 50% of the products need 3-10 days to produce, 10% of the products need 15-30 days to produce.


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We have a professional R&D team that continuously upgrades and innovates products.


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Our payment term is Telegraphic Transfer in advance, Western union, MoneyGram, Paypal, Trade Assurance,ect.