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MeCan Medical Professional Medical 2Nm3/h High Purity PSA Oxygen Generator manufacturers,OEM/ODM, customized according to your requirements. PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology, which is deffirent from traditional cryogenic technology, is going to more and more popular used for air separating. Each gas has a specific adsorption rate when they pass through the vessel filled with molecular sieves (Zeolite molecular sieves) under a swing pressure. If you would like more details of the PSA Oxygen Generator, please contact us in any time!


Our target should be to consolidate and enhance the top quality and service of current goods, in the meantime frequently create new products to satisfy diverse customers' calls for for Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our products. We firmly believe our products will make you satisfied.

Medical 2Nm3/h High Purity PSA Oxygen Generator 


1. Brief introduction of PSA Oxygen Generation System
    PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology, which is deffirent from traditional cryogenic technology, is going to more and more popular used for air separating. Each gas has a specific adsorption rate when they pass through the vessel filled with molecular sieves (Zeolite molecular sieves) under a swing pressure. Most of Nitrogen molecules are trapped by ZMS, and other gases(Oxygen gas) are collected out for production gas.

    However, the molecular sieves might be saturated with trapped nitrogen molecules, so it need to depressurized to regenerate for next cycle. In that case, we always design a twin-vessel structure to achieve a continuous production of oxygen gas, so that the lowest energy consumption and best efficiency can be realized. Contrast to the traditional cryogenic technology, the PSA technology has more advantages: more economical, more convenient, more stable.

    Mecan Oxygen Generation System include one set of air compressor, one air dryer, one set of air filters, one STPO-25 Oxygen generator, one air buffer tank, one oxygen buffer tank, one set of oxygen booster, one set of oxygen filling station, related control system and so on.

2. PSA Oxygen Generator Process Description
    The PSA oxygen generator is usable for all kinds of middle and small amount oxygen onsite supplying, and with the obvious characteristics of simple process flow, completely automatic operation and low running noise, etc.

    The equipment, which makes the zeolite molecular sieves adsorb in the condition of increasing the pressure and desorb under the ordinary pressure, is called pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator which is desorbed under atmosphere pressure (PSA-O2).

     When the pressure of the pressure swift adsorption oxygen generator which is desorbed under the atmosphere pressure increases, the zeolite molecular sieves (ZMS)adsorb nitrogen and produce oxygen, when the pressure steps down to atmospherepressure, the zeolite molecular sieves desorbs nitrogen and regenerate. The desorbedunder the atmosphere pressure PSA-O2 generator usually has two adsorptive towers,one tower is used for adsorbing nitrogen and producing oxygen, while the other fordesorbing nitrogen and making regeneration, two towers alternate adsorption and regeneration to output oxygen continuously.


Item Model Capacity Size (mm) Weight Power Connector
(Nm3/h) L*W*H (KG) (W) Air Inlet Oxygen Outlet
1 MCO-03 2.5-3 760×750×1850 380 60 DN15(G1/2") DN15(G1/2")
2 MCO-05 3.5-5 760×750×2200 450 60 DN15(G1/2") DN15(G1/2")
3 MCO-10 5.5-10 880×780×2400 780 60 DN20(G3/4") DN15(G1/2")
4 MCO-15 10.5-15 1070×940×2500 1080 60 DN25(G1") DN20(G3/4")
5 MCO-20 15.5-20 1450×950×2500 1260 60 DN32(G11/4") DN20(G3/4")
6 MCO-25 20.5-25 1500×1000×2800 1480 60 DN40(G11/2") DN25(G1")
7 MCO-30 25.5-30 1500×1000×3000 1680 60 DN40(G11/2") DN25(G1")


30.5-35 1750×1200×3100 1950 60 DN40(G11/2") DN25(G1")

More Details of our PSA Generator:


1.Quality Control (QC)
we have a professional quality control team to ensure that the final pass rate is 100%.
2.What is your warranty for the products?
One year for free
3.What is your after-sales service?
We provide technical support through operating manual and video; Once you have questions, you can get our engineer's prompt response by email,phone call,or training in factory. If it's hardware problem, within the warranty period, we will send you spare parts for free, or you send it back then we repair for you freely.


1.MeCan provide one-stop solutions for new hospitals,clinics,labs and universities,has helped 270 hospitals,540 clinics,190 vet clinics to set up in Malaysia,Africa,Europe,etc.we can save your time,energy and money.
2.OEM/ODM, customized according to your requirements.
3.Every equipments from MeCan gets passed strict quality inspection,and final passed yield is 100%.
4.MeCan offer professional service,our team is well-tained

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Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is a professional medical and laboratory equipment manufacturer and supplier. For more than ten years, we engage in supplying competitive price and quality products to many hospitals and clinics, research institutions and universities. We satisfy our customers by offering comprehensive support, purchase convenience and in time after sale service. Our main products include Ultrasound Machine, Hearing Aid, CPR Manikins, X-ray Machine and Accessories, Fiber and Video Endoscopy, ECG&EEG Machines, Anesthesia Machines, Ventilators, Hospital furniture, Electric Surgical Unit, Operating Table, Surgical Lights, Dental Chairs and Equipment, Ophthalmology and ENT Equipment, First Aid Equipment, Mortuary Refrigeration Units, Medical Veterinary Equipment.

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