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In Stock Invasive ICU Ventilators without Compressor ICU Respirator
In Stock Invasive ICU Ventilators without Compressor ICU Respirator

In Stock Invasive ICU Ventilators without Compressor ICU Respirator

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US $ 13500.00-19000.00 / sets
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10 sets
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100 sets / Week
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10 Days
MCA-03B is professional for COVID-19 treatment, can be used in respiratory management of after anesthesia operation, ambulance room, ICU, etc.

Invasive ICU Ventilator without Compressor


The ventilator is the one that is air driven and microcomputer controlled. It includes following functions: IPPV,A/C,SIMV,SPONT,PSV,MMV,SIGH,PEEP, etc. The apparatus can preside over the patient's breath by enacting the breath frequency, the rate between   inspiration and expiration, and the regulation of the dampness tidal volume. The main elements of the apparatus are high-quality import products, which develop the dependability and the stability of the products. It is reasonably designed, easily carried, and highly reliable. It is suitable for the use of respiration salvage and treatment in the large, middle or small hospitals.

Main Capacity and Technical Parameter
1.Driven mode: pneumatic driven electronically controlled
   Display: TFT Color screen

2. The Pattern of Ventilation
IPPV   intermittent positive pressure ventilation
A/C    assist/control ventilation
SIMV synchronized intermittent management ventilation
PSV pressure support ventilation
SPONT synchronous ventilation
MMV mandatory minute ventilation
SIGH   Sign Breath
PEEP   Positive End-expiratory Pressure

3. The Capacity of the Airflow Path 
a)  The maximum safe pressure of the airflow path: no more than 6kPa.
b) The oxygen density in inspiration: 40%~100%.

4.The capacity of ventilation
a) The respiration rate: 4~99times/minute. 
b)  Inspiratory  time:0.2~6s.
c)  Pause time :0~2s.
d) triggering pressure: when the inspiration triggering pressure is within-2kPa~-1kPa, the error is limited within ±20%;when the inspiration triggering pressure is within -1kPa~-0.4kPa,the error is limited between ±200Pa;when the inspiration triggering pressure is within -0.4kPa~ 0kPa,the error is limited within±50Pa. 
e) Tidal volume: 0~2000ml;The error is ±20%.
f) Minute ventilation volume: no less than 18 L/min

5. The Performance of the Alarm
a) The alarm of the maximum pressure: 2~6kPa, the error is ±20%, acousto-optic
b)The alarm of the minimum pressure: 0~2kPa, acousto-optic alarm, within 0~0.5kPa, the error is ±100Pa;within 0.5~2kPa,the error is ±20%.
c)Minute volume upper limit:0~99L
d)Minute volume lower limit:0~99L
e) The Alarm of the Power off: when the power is cut off, the alarm last no less than 120 seconds.
f) Mute; no less than 2 minutes.

6.The performance of Monitor:
a) Tidal volume: 0~2000ml; within 0~300ml,the error is ±60ml;within 300~2000ml, the error is ±20%.
b) The actual respiration rate: the actual breathing times that the ventilator supplies for the patient per minute, and shown by the digital tube.
c) The airway Pressure: the patient's actual airway pressure and shown by the pressure gauge.
d) Vt, MV, ftot, fspont, Ppeak, PEEP. 
e) Wave: pressure-t; flow-t

7.The performance of the whole apparatus
a) Power resource: alternating current 220V±22V  50Hz±1Hz.
b) The power of the mainframe: 65VA.
c) Electric safety: accord with the concerning requirement about 1-B apparatus in GB9706.1-2007 Medical Electric Apparatus Chapter One the Current Requirement of Safety
d) the noise of the whole apparatus: no more than 65dB(A).
e)  The acclimation of the System: no more than 4ml/100Pa

8.The condition for the use
a)  The environmental temperature:  +5ºC~+40ºC.
b)  relative humidity: 30% ~ 75% .
c)  Air pressure: 96~104kPa.
d) The air resource for use :oxygen ,0.28~0.6MPa.
e)  Time for warm-up: 5minute.

9.The Size:52*63*143cm

10.Net weight: 30kg

11. Storage and shipment: the range of temperature for the storage and shipment is -40ºC~+55ºC,the range of relative humidity is 10% ~93%,the range of air pressure is 50kPa~106kPa,placed in the condition without corrosive gas and with good ventilation. In the transit the products should be damp proof, carefully handled and you should pay attention to the signal of the direction.

The Buttons to Enact the Operating Parameter 
A/C-press this button, Ventilation mode is A/C
SIMV-press this button, Ventilation mode is SIMV
PSV-press this button, Ventilation mode is PSV
IPPV-press this button, Ventilation mode is IPPV
MMV -press this button, Ventilation mode is MMV
SPONT-press this button, Ventilation mode is SPONT
SIGH -press this button, Ventilation mode is SIGH