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Best Quality Blood Gas Analyzer Factory

MeCan Medical Best Quality Blood Gas Analyzer Factory,Every equipments from MeCan gets passed strict quality inspection,and final passed yield is 100%, we are very professional and we will provide the best service to you.

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Medical blood gas analyzer 


Sample Type

Whole blood, Serum, Plasma, Dialysate, CSF

Model name & test items

BG-800 ( pH/pCO2/pO2/K+/Na+/CI-/Ca++/Hct )

BG-800A(pH/ pCO2/ pO2 /Hct )

BG-800B ( pH/pCO2/pO2/K+/Na+/CI-/Hct )

BG-800E ( pH/pCO2/pO2/K+/Na+/CI-/Ca++/Hct /Glu/Lac)

BG-800Q ( pH/pCO2/pO2/K+/Na+/CI-/Ca++/Hct  Auto QC)

BG-800AQ ( pH/pCO2/pO2/Hct Auto QC)

BG-800BQ ( pH/pCO2/pO2/K+/Na+/CI-/Hct Auto QC)

Measured Parameters

Analyte Measuring range Unit
pH(CH) 6.000-9.000
pCO2 1.607-26.67 kpa
8.0-200.0 mmHg
pO2 0-106.7 kpa
0-800.0 mmHg
K 0.5-15.0 mmol/L
Na+ 20.0-200.0 mmol/L
CI- 20.0-200.0 mmol/L
Ca++ 0.3-5.0 mmol/L
Hct 12.0-65.0 %
B.P. 500-800 mmHg
Glucose 1.1-66.7 Mmol/L
Lactate 0.4-30.0 Mmol/L

Working environment

Working temperature:15℃~30℃              

Storage environment:5℃~45℃

Power supply:100-240V~±10&,50/60±1Hz   


Dimension (Length*width*Height) :420mm×623mm×410mm


Main Characteristics

  Multi-combination parameters

  Self-made maintenance free electrodes

  Both for syringes & capillary

  35UL for capillary, 95UL for whole blood

  1 min from the aspiration to result

  Long-lasting fluid system

  All-in-one design calibrate cartridge

  Cartridge expiration alarm & residue

  Preheats reagents & sample

  Optional Auto QC cartridge with H/M/L level

  Data storage >5,000

  Colorful touch screen with high resolution

  Friendly operation interface

  Infrared human-detector

  Rich data management interface

  Battery backup

  Build-in thermal printer

  Convenient bar-code system management

  Economic cost per test

The quality management of MeCan Medical  is attached 100% importance. From the selection of the raw materials to the finished products, each step of inspection is strictly conducted and followed to meet the regulation of gifts and crafts.


1.What is your payment term?
Our payment term is Telegraphic Transfer in advance,Western union, MoneyGram,Paypal, Trade Assurance,ect.
2.What is your lead time of the products?
40% of our products is in stock,50% of the products need 3-10 days to produce,10%of the products need 15-30 days to produce.
3.What is your after-sales service?
We provide technical support through operating manual and video; Once you have questions, you can get our engineer's prompt response by email,phone call,or training in factory. If it's hardware problem, within the warranty period, we will send you spare parts for free, or you send it back then we repair for you freely.


1.OEM/ODM, customized according to your requirements.
2.MeCan offer professional service,our team is well-tained
3.MeCan provide one-stop solutions for new hospitals,clinics,labs and universities,has helped 270 hospitals,540 clinics,190 vet clinics to set up in Malaysia,Africa,Europe,etc.we can save your time,energy and money.
4.Every equipments from MeCan gets passed strict quality inspection,and final passed yield is 100%.

About MeCan Medical

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is a professional medical and laboratory equipment manufacturer and supplier. For more than ten years, we engage in supplying competitive price and quality products to many hospitals and clinics, research institutions and universities. We satisfy our customers by offering comprehensive support, purchase convenience and in time after sale service. Our main products include Ultrasound Machine, Hearing Aid, CPR Manikins, X-ray Machine and Accessories, Fiber and Video Endoscopy, ECG&EEG Machines, Anesthesia Machines, Ventilators, Hospital furniture, Electric Surgical Unit, Operating Table, Surgical Lights, Dental Chairs and Equipment, Ophthalmology and ENT Equipment, First Aid Equipment, Mortuary Refrigeration Units, Medical Veterinary Equipment.