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The 133rd Canton Fair Exhibitor Guide

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The 133rd Canton Fair will be held in April 2023 online and offline, with the offline exhibition fully resumed. New and old friends are invited to reunite offline!


The date of the Canton Fair is approaching, in order to help more foreign friends to participate smoothly, MeCan has compiled a website related to participating in the Canton Fair, including preparations before the exhibition, exhibition time, exhibition process, etc., where you can check related matters.


1. Confirm the time and place of the exhibition: 

First, foreign customers need to confirm the time and place of the 133rd Canton Fair to ensure that there is enough time to make preparations.

Place: Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou, China

Time: Phase1(April 15th-19th), Phase2(April 23rd-27th), Phase3(May 1st-5th)

Specific Exhibition time:


2. Pay attention to the notice on the epidemic prevention and control measures issued by the embassy, you can check the article on MeCan

Welcome to China --- Summary of visa websites of various countries to China

3. How to get to Canton Fair: Click the link for more Various Ways to Come to the Canton Fair!

3.1 Applying for visa and air ticket: 

If you are going to China to participate in the Canton Fair from abroad, you need to complete the travel procedures such as visa and air ticket in advance. Questions about how to apply for a visa:


3.2 Accommodation reservation: 

Foreign customers need to book accommodation in Guangzhou in advance. You can find relevant information on the official website of the Canton Fair, or make reservations through travel agencies and other channels.


4. Guidelines for offline participation of overseas buyers


5. Registration: 

After confirming the time, location, visa and accommodation, foreign customers need to register on the official website of the Canton Fair. After successful registration, they will get admission documents and related information.

Overseas Buyers can now apply for onsite attendance Invitation and Pre-registration for the 133rd Canton Fair


(Note: If you have applied for the Canton Fair Overseas Buyer Certificate in previous sessions, please note: this card can be used for multiple sessions, and this year you can directly enter the exhibition hall with the card, which is convenient and time-saving, please keep it properly)


6. Participate in exhibitions: 

At the Canton Fair, foreign customers can go to the exhibition halls and booths they are interested in to learn about and purchase products, or conduct business negotiations with partners. If you need to buy medical equipment, welcome to Mecan booth (Hall 8.1 J13) to talk, and we will show the new X-ray machine at the exhibition, welcome to visit.


7. Leaving Guangzhou: 

After the exhibition, foreign customers need to leave Guangzhou according to their own itinerary, and complete the air tickets and other travel procedures. If you have any other questions, you can contact them directly on the website


Hope the content is helpful to you, and welcome to China! Welcome to China to attend the Canton Fair! Looking forward to meeting you at the exhibition