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Vital Signs Monitors for Various Medical Environments

Applied to outpatient, emergency and general wards. As a spot check monitor and bed side monitor, it integrates NIBP, SpO2, ECG, Ear Temp. It is simple, tasteful, compact and lightweight, a perfect combination of technology and aesthetics.
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  • MSD1511

  • MeCan

Vital Signs Monitor

Model: MSD1511

1. A premium experience that you need 

Ingenious and minimalistic, smart and lightweight

8- inch

The 8- inch capacitive touch screen monitor, featuring in its ultra-narrow bezel design, quick-responding touch sensitivity, satisfies end users’clinical needs of simple operation and clear display of vital sign measurements.

MSD1511 (1)

● 360°visible double light alarms with intelligent alarm function, makes it convenient for medical staff to monitor patients

● 50mm width thermal recorder for option

● Support 25mm/s, 50mm/s printing speed 

● Support 2 channel waveform printing

● Support nurse call function

movable trolleys

● Open to a variety of mounting solutions, both wall mount and movable trolleys for option

2. Information Management System 

Information Management System

● Support HL7 protocol, which can be seamlessly connected with hospital information system to realize information interconnection

● The central monitoring system can be connected via wired/wireless mode to achieve centralized patient management, and thus streamline the workload of medical staff. Provide a comprehensive networking solution that allows you to access patient information and improve work efficiency anytime and anywhere

Patient Management System

● Patient Management System

All- encompassing patient information management system where end users can query, review, delete and transfer medical records

Alarm management system

● Alarm management system

Alarms settings of all the parameters are integrated on one menu, and the alarm thresholds of all parameters can be set jointly, simplifying the work of medical staff

3. Practical dual mode, switch smoothly 


Spot Check Mode

 Spot Check Mode:

Applied to the outpatient and emergency wards for quick measurement of physiological parameters. The modified early warning score (MEWS) system can be used as a reference for patient diagnosis and disposition, making it simple and effective

Monitoring Mode

 Monitoring Mode:

Used as a bedside monitor in general wards to measure patiant’s patient's physiological parameters (NIBP, SpO2, ECG, etc.) in real time.

4. Quick-ECG Measurement System 

Information Management Systemspecial accessories

 It is a special design for clinical requirements.

Quick- ECG measurement with special accessories simplifies the operation

● Oversized and eye- catching NIBP button. Quickly measure blood pressure with a single click of the button Spot Check Mode 2
● Non- contact infrared ear thermometer. No risk of cross- infection. Fast, stable and accuracy with measuring time in 1- 2s on- contact infrared ear thermometer
● Barcode Scanner brings you quickly patient information input, support various barcode scanners helping purchase in locally Barcode Scanner
● Refined clinical decision- aiding function. Help identify potentially critical patients with multiple scoring system multiple scoring system
● Manual standby with a single press of the On/Off button for easily operation On Off button