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Cautions on the use of the Cautery Machine(Electrosurgical Unit)

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Our Cautery Machine (Electrosurgical Unit) is powerful but must be used with caution. This article provides safety precautions for proper grounding, patient monitoring, and safe handling of accessories. Follow these tips for safe and effective use in your medical practice.


1. Patients with pacemakers or metal implants are contraindicated or cautiously used with monopolar electrodes (can be used under the guidance of the manufacturer or cardiologist), or switched to bipolar electrocoagulation.

(1) If a monopolar electric knife is required, the lowest effective power and shortest time should be used.

(2) The location of the negative circuit plate affixing should be close to the surgical site, and the location of the circuit plate affixing should be chosen so that the main circuit of current avoids metal implants.

(3) Strengthen monitoring and closely observe the patient's condition. For patients with pacemakers, bipolar electrocoagulation should be used in preference and operated at low power under professional guidance to avoid circuit current passing through the heart and pacemaker and to keep the leads as far away from the pacemaker and its leads as possible.

2. Whenever using a monopolar electric knife, in principle, long continuous operation should be avoided, because the negative plate of the circuit cannot disperse the current in time, which can easily cause skin burns.

3. The output power size should be selected according to the type of cut or coagulated tissue to meet the surgical effect, and should be gradually adjusted from small to large.

4. When using alcohol-containing disinfectant for skin disinfection, avoid accumulation of disinfectant on the surgical bed, and wait for the alcohol to evaporate before activating the monopolar electric knife after disinfection to avoid burns to the patient's skin due to electric sparks encountering flammable liquids. The use of electric knife or electrocoagulation in airway surgery should prevent airway burns. The use of mannitol enema is contraindicated in intestinal surgery, and the electric knife should be used with caution in patients with intestinal obstruction.

5. The electric knife pen connecting wire should not be wrapped around metal objects, which can lead to the occurrence of leakage and cause accidents.

6. The working beep should be adjusted to a volume that is clearly heard by the staff.

7. Keep the negative plate as close as possible to the surgical incision site (but not<15 cm) and avoid crossing the body's crossed lines to allow the shortest path for the current to pass.

8. Before using instruments with electrocoagulation for lumpectomy, the integrity of the insulation should be checked to prevent leakage from occurring and damaging adjacent organs.

9. Instruments should be tested and maintained regularly.

If you're interested in learning more about how to use a Cautery Machine, or what an Electrosurgical Unit does, be sure to check out our detailed guide, "High-Frequency Electrosurgery Unit - The Basics". This article provides an in-depth look at the features and functions of our device, with step-by-step instructions and helpful tips for both beginners and experienced.

Contact us for any questions regarding our product usage.