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MCO-MT2 Optical Instrument Table
MCO-MT2 Optical Instrument Table

MCO-MT2 Optical Instrument Table

Model NO.:
USD 99.00-1999.00 / set
Minimum order quantity:
1 set
Supply Ability:
2000 set / Month
Country of Origin:
Guangzhou Shenzhen Hongkong Shanghai Yiwu Ningbo
  • Type:Pathological Analysis Equipments
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Instrument classification:Class II
  • Brand Name:Me Can
  • Model Number:MCO-MT2

Optical Instrument Table


YT2GA .jpg

1. Scope of application
This Instrument table is designed to place medical instruments such as slit lamp or other instruments.
2 .Components
This product consists of three components: table, support and base.





1) Table-board : Place the instrument.
2) Base : Support the table.
3) Shim : To adjust the table until it is horizontal
4) Support : The height is adjustable.
5) Up-and-down switch : Upper and lower the instrument table.
6) Output power : Output the power supply
7) Fuse : Electric protector
8) Input power : Input the power supply
9) Table support : Connect and fix the table

Accessories list
Name Quantity
Fuse 2pcs.
Cross Screw 6pcs.
s=5 Hexagonal wrench 1pc.
Plastic Wire Clamp 2pcs.
Cross wood screw driver 1pc.


3 Assembly procedure
This section of the manual describes how to assemble YT2GA instrument table. All parts should be taken with great care out of the packing case before assembly.
Necessary tools are as follows:
Hexagonal wrench
Cross screw driver
 Take out the table, support and base components from the packing case.
 Aim the four M6 screw holes under the support to the four assembly holes on the base. Insert the plug, fasten the four M6 screws with hexagonal wrench. Put the instrument table on the flat ground.
Screw off the four M4 wood screws from the table with cross wood screw driver. Aim the four assembly holes on the table support to the four M6 screw holes on the support. Insert the plug, fasten the four M6 screws with hexagonal wrench.
 Place the table on the table support. Aim the ten assembly holes on the table support to the 10 existing holes on the table. Fasten the ten M4 wood screws.
 Adjust the four shims until the table is horizontal.


4 Preparation
 Insert the power plug of instrument table in suitable three core power socket, ensure that the instrument is well grounded;
 Press the up and down switch, the table can move up and down;
 Keep on pressing the up and down switch, when the instrument table reach the limit position, the instrument table will stop automatically, This illustrates that the instrument is normal. Adjust table to the suitable height and then begin to use.


5 Maintenance
Daily maintenance
 Don’t store instrument in dusty place.
 When not using the instrument, turn off power switch and apply a dust cover.
Clean the plastic parts such as chin-rest bracket, forehead-rest belt with soft cloth dipped with soluble detergent or water, sterilize with medicinal alcohol.
Replacing the fuse
 Turn off the main power switch and pull out the power plug from the power socket.
 Screw off the fuse holder cover with the screw driver.
 Replace with a new fuse, then fasten the cover.
 The fuse specifications are as follows:
110V 10A/125V;
220V 6.3A/250V

6 Selectable Accessories
 Keyboard drawer

7 Specifications
Size : 950mm(length)×420mm(width)
Table minimum height/stroke : 620mm/290mm
Weight : 36.5 kg
Maximum load : 50kg
Input power supply : AC110V;AC220V
Input power frequency : 50/60Hz
Power consumption : 220VA
Electric safe standard : Conform to Standard IEC601 -1
Class I Type B



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