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The 134th Canton Fair Overseas Buyers License Guideline

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The 134th China Import and Export Commodities Fair ("Canton Fair") will be grandly opened on October 15, 2023, we sincerely welcome you to participate in the Canton Fair.

According to reports, more than 100,000 buyers from more than 200 countries and regions have pre-registered for the fair, and it is expected that the number of attendees at this year's Canton Fair will grow significantly compared to the 133rd Canton Fair.

134th Canton Fair

Are you an overseas buyer looking to explore new business opportunities at the 134th Canton Fair? Look no further! In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guideline to obtain your Overseas Buyers License.

Guangzhou Canton Fair

134th Canton Fair 2

The 134th Canton Fair is scheduled to take place in Autumn 2023 at the Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex. The organizers of the Canton Fair have made the following adjustments to the exhibition areas for the 134th session:

Phase 1 (Oct. 15-19): This phase will showcase a variety of products, including household electrical appliances, consumer electronics, information products, electronic and electrical products, lighting equipment, new energy resources, new materials, chemical products, hardware, tools, machining machinery and equipment, power and electrical equipment, general machinery and mechanical parts, industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, new energy vehicles, smart mobility, motorcycles, bicycles, vehicle spare parts, and vehicles.


Phase 2 (Oct. 23-27): The focus of this phase will be on building and decoration materials, sanitary and bathroom equipment, furniture, kitchen and tableware, daily-use ceramics, household items, clocks, watches, optical instruments, gifts and premiums, festival products, home decorations, art ceramics, glass artware, gardening products, woven, rattan, and iron products, as well as iron and stone decorations and outdoor spa facilities.


Phase 3 (Oct. 31-Nov. 4): This phase will feature personal care appliances, bathroom products, medicines, health products, medical devices, pet products, maternity and baby products, toys, children's clothing, men's and women's clothing, sportswear, casual wear, underwear, fur, leather, down and related products, clothing accessories and fittings, home textiles, textile raw materials and fabrics, carpets and tapestries, shoes, office supplies, bags and suitcases, sports and tourism leisure products, food, and rural revitalization.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to inform you about MeCan's participation in the fair, showcasing an array of cutting-edge medical equipment at Booth Hall 10.2J45. Mark your calendars for the event, which will be held at the Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou, China, from 31st October to 4th November.


invitation 2

Highlighted Products:

1. Virtual Dissection System: A state-of-the-art educational tool that enables in-depth virtual exploration and learning of human anatomy.

2. Hemodialysis Machine: Providing advanced technology for effective and safe renal replacement therapy.

3. Ultrasound Machine: Offering high-resolution imaging and accurate diagnostics for various medical applications.

4. Patient Monitor: Ensuring real-time monitoring of vital signs during medical procedures or hospital stays.

5. Electrosurgical Unit 400W: A reliable device for precise and controlled tissue cutting and coagulation.

6. ECG Machine: Delivering accurate cardiac monitoring and diagnosis.

7. Dental X-ray Machine: A compact and powerful tool for dental imaging.

8. Slit Lamp: An essential device for eye health examination and evaluation.

9. 85CM Male Torso: An anatomical model for medical education and training purposes.

10. Infusion Pump and Syringe Pump: Reliable devices for accurate and controlled administration of fluids and medications.

11. Blood and Infusion Warmer: Ensuring safe and comfortable infusion by maintaining the temperature of fluids.

Okay, let's get to the point.

Overseas buyers are required to hold a buyer's license to enter the exhibition hall for negotiation. Overseas buyer's card can be used for multiple sessions of the Canton Fair, and holders of the buyer's card processed in previous sessions can enter the hall directly without the need to apply for a document again. Please keep it in a safe place!

Canton Fair Overseas Buyers License

The 134th Canton Fair strongly advocate overseas buyers "advance pre-registration (pre-application for documents), in advance of the remote card". For the first time, we provide 24-hour accreditation service! It is recommended that you arrive at the Canton Fair exhibition hall site before the airport, hotels, Hong Kong office of these remote processing point for a good buyer's card, or pre-registration to apply for a buyer's card to obtain a license receipt, to avoid long queues in the exhibition hall on-site check-in point to apply for a license.

I. Which merchants can apply for the Canton Fair Overseas Buyer's License?

Holders of foreign passports, Hong Kong and Macao Home Visit Permits, Taiwan Compatriot Permits, valid Overseas Chinese Identity Documents (Chinese passports + overseas permanent residence permits/visas) or Chinese passports (including valid working visas for more than one year outside China) are eligible to apply for Canton Fair Overseas Buyer's Passes.

II. How to pre-register for an overseas buyer's license in advance?

There are two methods

Method 1: Please scan the pre-registration QR code below to get an electronic receipt. It is applicable to applying for the first document, applying for replacement of purchaser's card due to loss or forgetting to bring it, and applying for replacement of card due to personal reasons.

first buyers license

Method 2: Please log in to the Canton Fair Purchaser Electronic Service Platform (Canton Fair Pre-registration Platform for Overseas Purchasers and Purchasing Representatives) (, select "Pre-registration", and then get the pre-application receipt for the Purchaser Certificate after successful pre-application. This is applicable to the application of the first buyer's license.


(Pre-application for buyer's license on the e-service platform of buyers on the official website of Canton Fair)

Reply Slip for Pre-application for Purchasers Certificate

(Reply Slip for Pre-application for Purchaser's Certificate)

III. After pre-registration, what information do I need to bring to apply for the Canton Fair Overseas Buyer's License?

It is necessary to bring the following documents by the person himself/herself:

1. Original valid identification documents of overseas individuals, for foreign passports, Hong Kong and Macao Home Visit Permits, Taiwan Compatriot Permits, valid identification documents of overseas Chinese (Chinese passport + permanent residence permit/visa outside China) or Chinese passport (including valid working visa outside China for more than one year)

2. Pre-registration electronic or paper receipt form

3. Company name card

IV. Where can I apply for the Canton Fair Overseas Buyer's License?

Remote Overseas Purchaser Accreditation Points and Overseas Purchaser Check-in Points on the exhibition halls.

Please prefer the remote overseas buyer check-in point to apply for passes in advance, and the remote passes are free of charge!

Remote Overseas Purchaser Accreditation Points

1、Overseas Buyer Accreditation Center of Canton Fair in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

2、Overseas Purchaser Accreditation Office of Canton Fair in Guangzhou Hotels/Hotels

3. Canton Fair Office in Hong Kong

(Note: The remote overseas buyer's passport office only accepts overseas buyers holding foreign passports, Hong Kong or Macao Home Visit Permits or Taiwan Compatriot Permits to apply for buyer's passes).

Overseas Buyers Registration Center at Canton Fair Complex Site

1Accept all categories of overseas buyers to apply for documents.


2. If you lose or forget to bring your buyer's card, you need to pay a service fee of 200 RMB/card.


You can also refer to MeCan's previous The 133rd Canton Fair Exhibitor Guide.

Obtaining your Overseas Buyers License is the first step towards discovering the immense potential of the 134th Canton Fair. With MeCan showcasing its diverse portfolio of medical equipment, you will have a unique chance to explore innovative solutions. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with industry professionals and take your healthcare practice to new heights. We look forward to welcoming you at Booth Hall 10.2J45 in Guangzhou, China, from 31st October to 4th November.


Don't Miss the Opportunity!

Canton Fair