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X Ray Chest Stand for Chest Medical X-ray Machine

Our MX-CSF2 X Ray Chest Stand can be used for 32kW 50kW 65kW 80kW Chest Medical X-ray Machine
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  • MX-CSF2

  • MeCan Medical

X-ray Chest Stand

Model: MX-CSF2

chest x-ray stand

Features of our xray chest stand:

1. Manual control, no failure

2. Manual brake system for adjusting the chest stand to any height needed

Features of our xray chest stand

Model MX-CSF2
Beam filtration specification 18″*18″
Grid (optional) Grid density: 103 lines/cm, Grid Ratio:10:1, Convergence distance: 180cm
Focal distance 180cm
Braking force ≥ 100N
Starting force ≤50N
Cassette moving distance up and down 1240mm
Radiography Film Specification 8″*10″~ 17″*17 (203 mm*254mm , 432 mm*432mm)
Size 560*370*2000mm
Net weight 98.5kgs
Gross weight 142.5kgs
Package size 2050*690*780mm

Size of our x ray chest stand bucky stand

Size of Bucky Stand