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How to lose weight for your dog? | MeCan Medical

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How to lose weight for your dog?

First of all, we have to check whether your dog is obese and analyze the cause of obesity, and then find a way to lose weight for your dog. We recommend that owners take their dogs to the hospital for a checkup first, so that the doctor can help you diagnose whether the dog is too fat. Through the analysis of the causes of dog obesity, you should first help the dog to get rid of the habits that promote obesity, and then combined with the following dog weight loss methods, so that the dog can lose weight successfully.

1. Food is the key

For dogs, as for humans, losing weight really comes down to two things: food and exercise. And for a dog owner trying to manage or reduce their dog’s weight, food is most important, by far. Now there are quite a lot of types of dog food, and there is also dog food specially designed for obese dogs. This kind of dog food contains less fat and protein, and more crude fiber. Dogs can avoid excessive nutrients from continuing to accumulate in the body by eating this dog food. Fruit and vegetable formula dog food is nutritionally balanced and it can provide quality protein, but also the fiber and moisture that can keep your dog satisfied.

2. Reduce feeding

We often say that dogs should eat less and more meals, so that they are less likely to have gastrointestinal problems. But for obese dogs, the amount and frequency of feeding should be appropriately reduced. Just reduce the feeding of the dog with a good appetite, but don't reduce too much at once, So as not to cause the dog hypoglycemia or limb weakness. What's worse is that the dog is so hungry and eats strange things which will cause diarrhea.


3. Keep exercising

Dogs do not like to exercise because of the hot weather, so increasing exercise is also a necessary auxiliary method for dogs to lose weight. Obese dogs usually don't like to exercise, you have to force them to move more to burn off body fat. Of course, the amount of exercise can't be increased too much at once. It should be increased gradually, so that the dog's body can slowly used to daily exercise, and form that habit. In addition, let the dog drink water frequently and clean up the stomach, which is more effective for weight loss. The most important thing is to stop feeding snacks: like reducing the feeding mentioned above, you must stop feeding the snacks, or your weight loss plan will be in vain.

Here are some tips for dog weight loss

1. Weight loss is a long game

If you determine that you’re overfeeding, work with your veterinarian to create a weight loss schedule based on the appropriate calories so that your dog doesn’t lose weight too fast, which is unhealthy. Overall, the best weight management strategy is to develop good habits that are applied, consistently and long-term.


2. Dogs with poor constitution should be careful

Dog obesity is not equal to a good constitution. Especially some older dogs may not be able to afford the weight loss method mentioned above, so we suggest you only use the two methods of reducing feeding and stopping snacks.

3. Drinking more water

Make sure plenty of water while your dog is losing weight. Dogs need to have clean water whenever they want to drink, and encouraging a dog to drink water after eating dog food can also increase the feeling of fullness.

In general, food is the key, but it is not a complete weight loss plan without exercise. The dog water treadmill is the most suitable machine for dogs to exercise in summer. It can not only dissipate their heat, but also make dogs exercise. MeCan Medical is a manufacturer of dog water treadmills, which can provide a comfortable exercise platform for dogs, and help dogs lose weight and have a healthy body. It can also help dogs rehabilitate and recover from injury. MeCan's underwater treadmill is widely used in animal hospitals and clinics. You can choose the suitable model for your clinic according to the weight of your dog.